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Address: Silksworth Ln, Sunderland SR3 1PD, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 191 520 1021 | Website:

Love, love, love this LloydsPharmacy and the savings that the ExtraCare program has saved me. Joel is an associate that works here that is not only super friendly but very helpful and product knowledgeable! Congrats to whoever hired him. He or she made a great choice!

Watch out when using GoodRx… If you have a GoodRx account on file, they will apply a coupon, but as I found out, they applied an older one and not the current one. They were causing me to pay twice the amount. Then after checking online seeing what it should have been because it didn’t seem right, I noticed I spent more than half what I should have paid. When I called them to address the matter, the guy even admitted they used an old cupon and saw the current one for less but then said, sorry, there is nothing we can do. That’s bad practice and scamming. So they got me for an extra 17 bucks. Don’t let them do that to you.

Rowlands Pharmacy
Address: Mill St, Sunderland SR4 7BG, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 191 567 2290 | Website:

Excellent hospitality!! The staff Is Friendly! And they make sure they explain to their customers everything thing that needs to be known about their medication before departure of the pharmacy. I LOVE this Rowlands Pharmacy!!

I never write reviews, but this one is an absolute must. I called to see if my prescription was ready, but no one was answering the phone. They just let it ring without even answering or at least having the courtesy to put me on hold. I was already out, so I decided to drive there, and sure enough, they were just letting the phone ring (look at how long it was). And when I commented on it, the tech rolled her eyes. I feel like I’m a patient person, but whew, I’ve never experienced such poor customer service. Oh, and on top of that, they didn’t even have my Ivermectin ready after a day of having a prescription for it from my doctors. I’m changing pharmacies.

Riverview Health Centre Pharmacy
Address: Riverview Health Centre, Borough Rd, Sunderland SR1 2HJ, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 191 567 2560 | Website:

I just wanted to say that Mr. Akin is the best pharmacist I have run across… He is very upfront and very fair. He treats you like a person… I have had many problems with/and at many different pharmacies in the past… I would recommend him to anyone family, friends, and someone I just met…

I have been on the phone forever just to ask about my Stromectol. It rang for 2 1/2 minutes, got picked up, and was immediately put on hold, I was confused as nothing was said to me, so I sat there for about 30 seconds saying hello into the phone until I heard the music. Proceeded to be on hold for another 2 minutes, then it started ringing again for another 2 minutes, then it just picked up and hung up on me. Called again, and it rang for another two and a half minutes. At this point, I’ve been trying to just get someone to answer for almost 10 minutes, and I’m fed up. My time is important too, and if I was at least asked to wait for 5 minutes, I’d be okay with it. It’s a completely reasonable request. But this just felt like I was wasting my time with this Riverview Health Centre Pharmacy.

Million Pharmacy
Address: 187 Hylton Rd, Sunderland SR4 7YE, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 191 567 8672 | Website:

I love Million Pharmacy!!! They deliver all your prescriptions, and the pharmacist really cares about all customers. He’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re all set up. I’ve recently transferred all my prescriptions here. Definitely would recommend this pharmacy to everyone I know.

By far the worse service ever, lack of staff, lack of common courtesy, no acknowledgment while in the drive-thru waiting for a good 5 minutes even ran the assistant call 3 times and nothing. Went inside to talk to the manager to let her know my frustration as a customer every time I went in, and she acted like it was the first time she heard of a complaint. By reading reviews definitely taking my prescriptions elsewhere.