Internet shop told about top sex positions in “Game of Thrones”

The internet shop of products for men and women VIAQX named the leading sex positions, based on the plot of the cult series “Game of Thrones.” As you know, bed scenes – one of the features of the picture, in which the media devoted more than a dozen materials. This time the reader is offered to try the five hottest sex positions.

Mother of Dragons

For this position, girls will need a true dragon, which can be seen in the face of his partner, an open window or a fan – it will ruffle your hair, as if on the fly.


This position is credited with all the characteristics that will help you release all your animal energy and splash it on your partner.


According to the source, this post is a great opportunity to assert yourself in the image of the queen of your partner. Leaning against the wall so that your lover had the opportunity to get down on one knee. Slightly bend your knee, opening it to give you an incredible feeling.

The Iron Throne

This wonderful position will help you try on the Iron Throne of the Lord. In this position, you can easily control the speed and depth of penetration.

Dornish style

Dornians, on top of that, became famous as famous lovers. Try to join the Dornian joys in this pose. If there are only two of you, add to the position of your favorite toy.

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