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These online pharmacies offer a wide range of medicines, health and beauty products. The design of their sites is simple and straightforward. Many products of the assortment like Modafinil can be bought with a discount of up to 40%, and they also give a 5% discount on the first purchase.

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Address: 2-3 Park Ln, Sunderland SR1 3NX, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 191 567 5422 | Website:

As far as customer service goes, Boots Pharmacy is probably the best pharmacy to shop at. They do have long pharmacy lines, so it’s a good idea to call in ahead. However, the register does pretty well. I am usually in and out within 10 minutes. The store is always well organized, and I never seem to have much trouble looking for what it is I want.

I had my vaccines scheduled a month in advance, no problem with the first one, but after altering my work schedule, they sent a text an hour and 15 minutes before saying it was canceled. Went through prompts, and it was scheduled at another pharmacy. When I got there, they could not do it because I was still in the system at this one! I tried Sunday again, and still not open, and I can’t get it elsewhere because I’m stuck in their system! Yes, my first dose was on a Saturday! The second was scheduled for a Saturday as well. Completely over it. Now I get to do it on a workday and hope I don’t get as sick as I did w the first dose. Some of us need our jobs!

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Address: Industrial Estate, Leechmere Rd, Sunderland SR2 9TT, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 191 568 9110 | Website:

Superb pharmacy for pet-related prescriptions and human meds as well. Extremely knowledgeable pharmacist, compassionate, kind, empathetic, and professional. Quick no wait for service and very accommodating to my daughter and her medicinal needs. Best prices for Modafinil (Provigil) in San Pedro! Cheaper than other pharmacies! We love this pharmacy!!!

Disorganized and unfriendly staff. I’ve waited more than 2 hours in the lobby to pick up prescriptions that were “ready for pick up” per my doctor while watching staff play on their phones and socialize with each other instead of helping patients as the lines grew. After reconfirming with my doctor, the annoyed staff made excuses that “ready for pick up” doesn’t mean meds are ready and had to wait another 30 minutes as someone behind the counter finally transferred meds from one container to another container as if it was some terrible sacrifice… Great opportunity for automation. If you can order your meds by mail, I highly recommend that instead of ASDA Pharmacy.

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Address: 189 Chester Rd, Sunderland SR4 7JA, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 191 567 8900 | Website:

My husband and I have several prescriptions filled there on a regular basis. They are the nicest and sweetest people I have ever done business with. Today, I had a prescription on Modafinil that was going to be expensive, and they went out of their way to find me a coupon for that drug and saved me 50.00. I cannot recommend them enough!

I went to pick up my curbside order. Through the text let them know I was on my way and let them know once I was there. I still had to call them because I was just sitting watching customers go inside and watch those same customers walk out with their merchandise while I just sat there. I didn’t have all my items gentleman said they were probably out of stock. I told him I could go online right this minute, and it shows in stock. He didn’t have an answer for that. Then I asked if the charge in my bank account would change… his response was it should if not, a bank dispute would have to be done. First and last time using a curbside pick up at this Rowlands Pharmacy.

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Address: 1 Saville Pl, Sunderland SR1 1PA, United Kingdom | Phone: +44 191 567 3550 | Website:

Great pharmacy. Best in the area. I’ve been coming here a lot in the past year or so. Great service. Very knowledgeable staff. I can’t say enough great things about this place. Always very welcoming and accommodating. They special ordered something they typically don’t carry. I’m glad I discovered this place. Five stars all the way.

Super helpful and friendly staff. When they say it’s going to be done – it’s going to be done. Made transitioning prescriptions from the loathed CVS a breeze. Knights McCarthys Pharmacy is one of the only other pharmacies on the mountain that takes care first as well. So if you think you’re stuck at the corporation, you’re not. Definitely recommend.