On April 8th, Sun in Taurus opposites Moon in Scorpio. This is the May Full Moon in Scorpio, an astrological event bringing intense plutonian energy in our lives.

This May Full Moon helps us to understand that the subconscious mind is very real and that it influences us without knowing it. Instead letting it to influence you without any control from your part, you can start to train your subconscious mind and to use its power, in order to achieve your goals.

Bellow, you can read a Zen story about the way that your subconscious mind can influence you. Then, you can see how this full moon influences each zodiac sign.

may 2020 full moon in scorpio

Zen Story for the May Full Moon in Scorpio: The Subjugation of a Ghost

A young wife fell sick and was about to die.

«I love you so much,» she told her husband, «I do not want to leave you. Do not go from me to any other woman. If you do, I will return as a ghost and cause you endless trouble.»

Soon the wife passed away. The husband respected her last wish for the first three months, but then he met another woman and fell in love with her. They became engaged to be married.

Immediately after the engagement a ghost appeared every night to the man, blaming him for not keeping his promise. The ghost was clever too. She told him exactly what had transpired between himself and his new sweetheart. Whenever he gave his fiancée a present, the ghost would describe it in detail. She would even repeat conversations and it so annoyed the man that he could not sleep. Someone advised him to take his problem to a Zen master who lived close to the village. At length, in despair, the poor man went to him for help.

«Your former wife became a ghost and knows everything you do, » commented the master. «Whatever you do or say, whatever you give your beloved, she knows. She must be a very wise ghost. Really you should admire such a ghost. The next time she appears, bargain with her. Tell her that she knows so much you can hide nothing from her, and that if she will answer you one question, you promise to break your engagement and remain single.»

«What is the question I must ask her?» inquired the man.

The master replied:

«Take a large handful of soy beans and ask her exactly how many beans you hold in your hand. If she cannot tell you, you will know that she is only a figment of your imagination and will trouble you no longer.»

The next night, when the ghost appeared the man flattered her and told her that she knew everything.

«Indeed,» replied the ghost, «and I know you went to see that Zen master today.»

«And since you know so much,» demanded the man, «tell me how many beans I hold in this hand!»

There was no longer any ghost to answer the question.

May Full Moon for Each Zodiac Sign

ARIES: learn to manifest your desires! Note your existing talents and skills and use them to achieve your goals.

TAURUS: you need other people in your life. You will probably have a serious conversation with your spouse.

GEMINI: you need to keep yourself focused at work. More passion for your job can lead to success.

CANCER: Try to overcome jealousy! „Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on“ (Shakespeare, Othello)

LEO: you need to accept your past, even your past mistakes. Recognize you can learn a lesson from your mistakes and stop viewing them as inherently bad!

VIRGO: you have to believe what you say. Elsewhere, no one will ever believe you.

LIBRA: maybe this is the best time to turn your hobbies into services that make money. Start your own business!

SCORPIO: with the Full Moon in your sun sign, you wake up energized and you stay energized. It is important to stay focused on one task at hand and not to waste your energy.

SAGITTARIUS: make sure that your secrets remain secrets! Someone comes invited into your life.

CAPRICORN: manipulating your friends can bring you success, but it also can leave you alone. Take care!

AQUARIUS: try to improve your public image! Building better professional relationships will help you a lot.

PISCES: this is a good time for a deeply spiritual experience. Find your spiritual path and follow it!

Full Moon Calendar

May full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Flower Moon because, in most areas, flowers are abundant during this time. Other names for May Full moon were Green Grass Moon, Root-Food Moon, Milk Moon and Corn Planting Moon.

The next Full Moon occurs on June 5th – a Full Moon in Sagittarius (Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius).

Until then, there is a New Moon in Gemini (Sun conjunct Moon in Gemini), on May 22nd.

The next Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on April 27th 2021.

Moon Phases in 2020: Full Moon Calendar