Starting April 11th, Mercury transits the fire sign of Aries. Bellow, you can see how the planet of communication and thinking patterns influences each of us, when transiting the first zodiac sign.

Aries – Focus on the Most Important Task!

Aries’ mind and brain are in good shape, with Mercury transiting this zodiac sign. So, don’t lose your time playing chess or bridge! Indeed, these games help memory and logic, but you don’t need them, because you already have a good memory, a good logic and great analytical capacities.

Instead, use these qualities to write a good article or essay. Invent a new and better product or improve your working style! You have to choose and decide what the most important task is for you. Then focus all your attention, with intensity, on this task!

mercury in aries 2020


Taurus – Act Like a Lone Wolf!

These sixteen days, it is essential for Taurus to think for himself. The mighty bull doesn’t want to think about being someone else’s puppet, no matter if we talk about a boss, his/her partner or his/her parents.

Self-loving and knowing themselves very well, those born under this sign have many advantages, if they act as they think is better, not according to others ‘expectations. They attain a greater sense of accomplishment. They also gain respect from others. So, act like a lone wolf! This is the best option for you, now.


Gemini – Thinking Out of the Box

Starting April 11th, Mercury transits your eleventh astrological house. Your ideas are a bit unconventional, but you don’t care much about what others think. Indeed, thinking out of the box may be your key to success.

You stand out from the crowd and accept that it is inevitable to make a lot of mistakes. This is not a problem. Mistakes shouldn’t discourage you. You take them as a lesson and your future triumphs will come with a lot of lessons learned. So, go on and create your own way!


Cancer – Business Is Business

Starting April 11th, when Mercury enters your tenth astrological house, your career requires more communication than usual.

Mercury in Aries has a tendency to abruptly express his feelings. But you must try to take your emotions out of the equation, at work. Business is business and you have to control emotions, during business negotiations or different social events.


Leo – Fun to Be Around

With Mercury entering your ninth house, you’ll be less serious and more playful.

Leo is always playful and fun to be around, finding humour in just about anything. Being naturally funny helps those natives to be more successful and to make a lot of new friends. Just remember to not push things over the limits! Don’t make jokes at the expense of people who are physically disabled or dealing with difficult experiences, like illness, divorce or career problems!


Virgo – Business Ideas

Starting April 11th, when Mercury enters your eighth house, you are more serious than usual and you focus more on serious subjects. You speak to your partner, your close relatives or your best friend about your financial situation, about your career goals or about relationship issues.

On the other hand, Mercury in the eighth house makes you good with other people’s money. You offer good financial counselling and your business ideas can bring serious profit.


Libra – Good Listener

For Libra, it is essential to better communicate to his partner, during this transit. Mercury in the seventh house will help those born under this sign to become even better listeners than before. They really listen to their partner with an open mind, without thinking about the things they want to say, when the loved-ne is talking.

One of the many advantages of becoming a good listener is that your partner will react by paying more attention to you and by trusting you more.


Scorpio – Keeping Schedules

Scorpio needs to better organize his life. With Mercury entering the sixth house, those born under this sign make and keep schedules. They make deadlines, set goals and – the most important thing, without which all the effort is useless – they stick to them!

One thing that you must do if you want to really get organized – at work as well as at home – is to keep only what you need. We know that possessions and material things may be of great significance to Scorpio, so that it is hard for him to throw them away. But you must try – giving up the old stuff will help you to create more space, for yourself and for things you’ll buy in the future.

Sagittarius – A Meditating Monk

During this transit, Sagittarius is calm and serene as a meditating monk. So, everyone appreciates him. People consider Sagittarius men and women special because, at their turn, they make people feel special.

Very curious and a great adventurer, Sagittarius shows a lot of interest in people’s lives. So, people feel that what they’ve done matters, and that their thoughts are valued. In consequence, this is a good time for Sagittarius to socialize and to make new friends. Only online friends, if you are in quarantine!


Capricorn – Family-Oriented

Most Capricorn men and women are career oriented persons. But, during this transit, they become more family-oriented.

Actually, starting April 11th, with Mercury in the fourth house, there will be a lot of family-oriented activities for the Capricorn men and women. Family dinners with the spouse and the kids or any other family activities become more important than before. Each family member will feel happy, because the family as a whole will be happy.


Aquarius – Expand your Horizons!

Under normal circumstances, this would have been an excellent time for traveling, for meeting new people, for visiting new places.

But, with so many people from so many different countries in quarantine, this is not possible. So, people born under this sign need to expand their horizon from home. Study something new! Watch foreign movies! Try new recipes! Meditate!


Pisces – Take Care of Your Body!

Pisces spend much of their time working. Some of them, of course, are working from home. They will discover that this type of work is actually increasing productivity.

Pisces also take good care of their body and health. They listen to their doctor’s advice. So, most of them avoid catching the flu or other viral illnesses, like coronavirus. These are some things that the other eleventh zodiac sign should learn from Pisces!


Between April 27th and May 11th, Mercury will transit Taurus.

Mercury will transit again Aries between April 4th and April 19th, 2021.

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