We present you the 2020 Virgo love and relationship horoscope, based on the most important astrological aspects and transits. Jupiter and Saturn both transit the house of love, making it an important year for Virgo’s relationships.

Love Yourself So Others Can Love You!

The astrological aspect for Virgo: Saturn direct in the fifth house (January 1st-March 22nd)

This transit influenced Virgos starting September 2017. Things were worse at the beginning of the transit but, now, during its last months, all becomes less complicated.

This transit is about love and deserving love. It is possible for some Virgos to feel like they have less love in their life, to feel neglected or ignored. The purpose is to understand the lesson of the planet: to accept and to love yourself and, then, to be loved by others.

„Be yourself; everyone else is already taken“, said Oscar Wilde. And he was right. If you don’t love yourself, how can anybody else love you? Learn how to appreciate your talents and your beauty! You are not perfect, but you don’t need to be perfect. No one else is. What is more important than being perfect is to be willing to grow. One step at a time is enough to proceed forward; in life and also in love.

Once you love yourself, it will be easy to be loved by others. Just treat them how you want to be treated, compliment others and be social, not forgetting to be yourself! It will help you a lot, during this saturnian transit.


2020 virgo love horoscope

Falling In Love

The astrological aspect for Virgo: Jupiter direct in the fifth house (January 1st – May 14th)

This transit started last year, in December. In astrology, Jupiter is associated with growth, expansion and good fortune. Its presence in the astrological house of love and romance is very good news for Virgo men and women.

There are big chances to fall in love, during this transit. Those who are still single will date a lot and will have many occasions to meet a potential partner. They will master the art of flirting which actually is not as complex as it may look before trying. Just make the other person feel better about himself/herself! Remember about an open body language and smiling and being a good listener! Respecting these basic rules, you’ll have an excellent start and Jupiter will guide you forward.

Those who are attached will bring more romance into their relationship. Each one will discover which the best way to do it is. Maybe you have to surprise her or him with a romantic dinner at home. Or go for a walk together in nature, holding hands and remembering old good times. Or you can buy a gift for your partner – maybe diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a dress of a perfume also works. A nice watch or a smartphone could work, for your man.

Jupiter in the fifth house also brings luck with fertility, conception and childbirth.

Realistic Expectations

The astrological aspect for Virgo: Saturn retrograde in the fifth house (May 11th-July 1st)

Lack of responsibility is no more tolerated, in your relationships. During this transit, you really need to be careful. You risk losing your partner if you have affairs (now, there is more difficult to maintain them secret) and if you cannot develop a more trustworthy relationship.

How to do it? You can start with simple, basic things, like keeping your promises, admitting your mistakes, having realistic and fair expectations, showing your affection in whatever way you can. Your partner doesn’t need a superhero, only needs you to really be there, to devote time to him/her and to support him/her.

Remember! Nobody should feel lonely in a relationship. If this happens, it is probably better to end that relationship.

Too Many Lovers, Too Little Love

The astrological aspect for Leo: Jupiter retrograde in the fifth house (May 14th-September 13th)

With Jupiter retrograde in the house of love and romance, there is a tendency to have more than one partner. Thanks to Jupiter, you feel more attractive. And you really become more attractive. Being more attractive helps you to have many partners. On the other hand, having a partner makes you even more attractive. And so on…

But, sometimes, many partners are too many. Even if you are young and you want to experience everything, you will discover that, in love as in any other field, quality beats quantity. A true and deep, meaningful love will help you to grow and to discover about yourself more than ten or twelve no string attached relationships. Too many lovers are too little love!


Jupiter Again Direct in the Fifth House (13th September-19th December)

The same transit and the same influences like between January 1st and May 14th. Great chances to love and to be loved.


Saturn Again Direct in the Fifth House (29th September-17th December)

The same transit and the same influences like between January 1st and May 11th. If you did some mistakes when Saturn was retrograde, this is the best time to fix them. After this transit ends, you can expect some very good news, for your love life.

Virgo – Best Time for Love, in 2020

January 1st – May 14th: Jupiter direct in the fifth house

13th September-19th December: Jupiter again direct in the fifth house


Love Song for Virgo, in 2020