We offer you the 2020 Leo love horoscope, based on the most important astrological aspects and transits. Saturn and Jupiter both start transiting the house of relationships, so you can expect a lot of changes.

A Test for Your Relationship

The astrological aspect for Leo: Saturn transiting 7th house (March 22nd-May 11th)

At the beginning of this transit, Leo men and women can experience some issues in their existing relationships. The problems they had to face are meant to strengthen the relationship and to make it more lasting.

But these problems also represent a test. How much do you love your partner? How much does he/she loves you? The serious, even severe energy of Saturn wants you and your partner to think about relationship responsibilities.

You need to clearly determine your limits and values, but also to respect your partner’s limits and values. Communicating clearly and honestly also represents a „must“ in any serious relationship. Another thing you have to remember: not to try to have power of control over your partner!

leo 2020 love horoscope

Surviving a Crisis

The astrological aspect for Leo: Saturn retrograde in 7th house (May 11th-July 1st)

Between March 22nd and May 11th, your relationship was evaluated by Saturn beginning its transit through the house of partnership. Now, with Saturn retrograde in the same house, you need to evaluate results.

There are some signs that your relationship is over:

  • if you feel alone even when you’re together;
  • when you or your partner avoid spending time alone together;
  • if, when something major happens, you’re not the first person they tell;
  • if you’re not talking about the future anymore.

For those who recognize these signs, it is probably better to end the relationships. For the others, congrats! You survived the most difficult transit. Your relationship Is great and will last for long time!

Meet Someone

The astrological aspect for Leo: Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in the 5th House (December 14th)

There are good chances to meet someone, today. If a friend or a relative invites you to a party, accept! Or you can go to a concert, to a sport event or to volunteer activities. All these will offer you the opportunity to meet The One. Or, at least, someone for a cute short love story.

Online dating is also an option. Join Bumble, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel, The League or any other dating site you consider appropriate!


Long Term Goals

The astrological aspect for Leo: Saturn in 7th house (starting December 17th)

For the second time this year, after March 22nd-May 11th, Saturn transits the seventh house. Now, the transit will last longer, much longer (until March 2023).

Saturn evaluates your relationships, but its impact is not as spectacular as in the spring. Now, the planet helps you to balance responsibilities in your relationship. From now one, it is more important to speak about long-term relationship goals.

Very Good News

The astrological aspect for Leo: Jupiter in 7th house (starting December 19th)

Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, brings its influence to the house of relationships and marriage. This is very good news for Leos, until May 15th, 2021 and then, again, between July 28th and December 29th 2021.

In the seventh astrological house, Jupiter makes Leo happier in relationships of all kinds. Many Leos commit to someone, move in with them, become engaged or even get married.

Also remember that the 7th house rules partnerships of all kinds! So, Jupiter helps you during business negotiation or brings into your life great professional partners.



The astrological aspect for Leo: The Great Conjunction Jupiter-Saturn in 7th House (December 21st 2020)

This is the most important astrological event of 2020. We’ll discuss it separately. For now, we offer you an interesting quote, from the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology:

„The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed“.

Let the Great Conjunction transform you and your partner, at the end of 2020!

Leo – Best Time for Love, in 2020

January 1st-January 13th: Venus transiting the seventh house

January 3rd-February 16th: Mars transiting the fifth house

March 30th-May 13th: Mars transiting the seventh house

June 3rd: Sun conjunct Venus

December 14th: total solar eclipse and new moon in the 5th house

December 19th-December 31st: Jupiter transiting the house of relationships


Love Song for Leo, in 2020