We present you the 2020 Cancer love horoscope, based on the most important astrological aspects and transits. Jupiter and Saturn both transit the house of relationships, making it a decisive year for Cancer’s relationships.

Do You Trust Your Partner?

The astrological aspect for Cancer: Saturn direct in the seventh house (January 1st-May 11th)

Like last year, Saturn continues to transit Cancer’s seventh house, astrological house of relationships and of marriage. So, Cancer men and women need to evaluate their relationship.

One of the most important questions about your relationship is that: do you trust your partner? There are some signs that you can totally trust him or her:

  • if he/she admits when he/she’s wrong;
  • if he/she drops everything to talk to you or to help you, when you need it;
  • if conversation feels natural and his/her questions don’t feel like an interrogation.

If this is your case, congrats! You really can trust your partner.

There are also some signs that you can’t trust your partner:

  • if he/she’s constantly blaming you, especially when you’re not guilty or when the guilt is not entirely yours;
  • if he/she always has his/her best interest in mind, not yours;
  • if their social media posts contradict what they’re telling you.

These are some signs that your partner is lying to you, even if he don’t admit it.


cancer 2020 love horoscope

Keep Your Commitments!

The astrological aspect for Cancer: Saturn retrograde in the seventh house (11th May-29th September)

With Saturn retrograde in the seventh house, Cancer may have some blocks in starting new relationships or partnerships. Sometimes, this happens because they don’t exactly know what they want from their possible partner and what they can offer, in a relationship. During these months, it is also difficult to explain their feelings.

So, probably it is better for those born under this sign to wait for the autumn to try starting a new relationship.

On the other hand, Cancer men and women take partnerships very seriously and work as best they can to maintain them. They act with integrity and keep commitments. When something bad happens, they admit they’re wrong, taking responsibility for their own failures.

In this difficult relational context, here is a quote that will make Cancers feel better, at least for few seconds: „To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved” (George MacDonald).



The astrological aspect for Cancer: Jupiter direct in the seventh house (January 1st-May 14)

This transit begun in December 2019 and brings great news for Cancer men and women. If Saturn is severe and pessimistic, Jupiter is enthusiastic and optimistic. So, it brings better news for Cancer’s relationships.

If you are single, there are great chances to find your partner, between January 1st and May 14th. Go to concerts, exhibitions, any kind of art and sport events! There are the best chances to meet someone. Increase your confidence and talk to anyone you feel attracted – this will increase your chances to find the ideal partner.

If you are already committed, this is the best time to take your relationship to the next level. For each couple, this new level means something else, according to their common past and to their wishes: for some of them, the next step is engagement, marriage or just moving together; for other, is about pregnancy or adoption. But one thing is clear: you will enjoy increased harmony in all your relationships.

Balance Between Give and Take

The astrological aspect for Gemini: Jupiter retrograde in the seventh house (14th May-13th September)

When Jupiter is retrograde, it may be difficult, for some Cancers, to maintain balance in their relationship. Feeling like you are giving more than your partner is bad news for a relationship. Neither feeling that you are receiving more than your partner, even if, at the beginning, this second situation may seem more comfortable. Once the balance between give and take is broken, difficulties arise.

In order to avoid this, you and your partner need, in the first place, to make time for each other. Next time when you neglect him/her and you prefer spending time with your friends or working after hours, be mindful of your spouse’s importance to you! I bet he or she is more important than drinking beer with friends or making your boss happy. You need to know how and when to say no to your friends and bosses, and, instead, to say yes to your partner.


Jupiter Again Direct in Capricorn and Seventh House (13th September-19th December)

The same transit and the same influences like between January 1st and May 14th. Again, good news for Cancer’s relationships.


Saturn Again Direct in Capricorn and Seventh House (29th September-17th December)

The same transit and the same influences like between January 1st and May 11th. If you did some mistakes when Saturn was retrograde, this is the best time to fix them. After this transit ends, you can expect some very good news.

Cancer – Best Time for Love, in 2020

January 1st-May 14th: Jupiter direct in the seventh house

13th September-19th December: Jupiter Again Direct in Capricorn and Seventh House

Special mention for December 18th and December 19th: the only days this year, when Jupiter transits the seventh house, while Saturn ended the transit through the same house.


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