Here, you can find the Sabian symbols for the 30 degrees of Taurus. These symbols were produced in 1925 by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler and by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones.

Like any other circle, the zodiac circle is divided into 360 degrees. Each of the 12 constellations, also called zodiac signs or sun signs, has 30 degrees. The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 phrases that correspond with each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. They start from Aries 1st degree (between Aries 0 degrees 1 minute and Aries 1st degree) and end to Pisces 30th degree (between Pisces 29 degree 1 minute and Pisces 30th degrees).

Sabian symbols hold a specific meaning for each degree of the zodiac. That means that each of the planets in your natal chart is connected to a specific Sabian symbol. For example, if your Sun is at 10 degrees 34 minutes Taurus, it is connected with the sabian symbol describing „A Woman Watering Flowers in Her Garden“. Understanding its signification can help you to better understand yourself and to successfully manifest your energy. Bellow, you will find the first 30th sabian symbols of the zodiac – those for the sign of Taurus.

taurus sabian symbols

Taurus Sabian Symbols


• 0-1 degrees Taurus

A Clear Mountain Stream


• 1-2 degrees Taurus

An Electrical Storm


• 2-3 degrees Taurus

Natural Steps Lead To a Lawn of Clover in Bloom


• 3-4 degrees Taurus

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow


• 4-5 degrees Taurus

A Widow at an Open Grave


• 5-6 degrees Taurus

Cantilever Bridge across a Deep Gorge


• 6-7 degrees Taurus

The Woman of Samaria at the Ancestral Well


• 7-8 degrees Taurus

A Sleigh on Land Uncovered By Snow


• 8-9 degrees Taurus

A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree


• 9-10 degrees Taurus

A Red Cross Nurse


• 10-11 degrees Taurus

A Woman Watering Flowers in Her Garden

• 11-12 degrees Taurus

A Young Couple Window Shopping


• 12-13 degrees Taurus

A Porter Carrying Heavy Baggage


• 13-14 degrees Taurus

On the Beach, Children Play While Shellfish Grope at the Edge of the Water


• 14-15 degrees Taurus

Head Covered with a Rakish Silk Hat, Muffled Against the Cold, a Man Braves a Storm


• 15-16 degrees Taurus

An Old Teacher Fails To Interest His Pupils in Traditional Knowledge


• 16-17 degrees Taurus

A Symbolical Battle between Swords and Torches


• 17-18 degrees Taurus

A Woman Airing an Old Bag through the Open Window of Her Room


• 18-19 degrees Taurus

A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean


• 19-20 degrees Taurus

Wisps of Winglike Clouds Streaming across the Sky


• 20-21 degrees Taurus

A Finger Pointing to a Line in an Open Book

• 21-22 degrees Taurus

White Dove Flying over Troubled Waters


• 22-23 degrees Taurus

A Jewellery Shop Filled with Valuable Gems


• 23-24 degrees Taurus

An Indian Warrior Riding Fiercely, Human Scalps Hanging from His Belt


• 24-25 degrees Taurus

A Vast Public Park


• 25-26 degrees Taurus

A Spanish Gallant Serenades His Beloved


• 26-27 degrees Taurus

An Old Indian Woman Selling the Artefacts of Her Tribe to Passerby


• 27-28 degrees Taurus

A Woman, Past Her Change of Life, Experiences a New Love


• 28-29 degrees Taurus

Two Cobblers Working at a Table


• 29-30 degrees Taurus

A Peacock Parading on the Terrace of an Old Castle


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