We offer you here the Sabian symbols for the 30 degrees of Aries. These symbols were produced in 1925 by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler and by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones.

Like any other circle, the zodiac circle is divided into 360 degrees. Each of the 12 constellations, also called zodiac signs or sun signs, has 30 degrees. The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 phrases that correspond with each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. They start from Aries 1st degree (between Aries 0 degrees 1 minute and Aries 1st degree) and end to Pisces 30th degree (between Pisces 29 degree 1 minute and Pisces 30th degrees).

Sabian symbols hold a specific meaning for each degree of the zodiac. That means that each of the planets in your natal chart is connected to a specific Sabian symbol. For example, if your Sun is at 20 degrees 29 minutes Aries, it is connected with the sabian symbol telling that „a pugilist enters the ring“. Understanding its signification can help you to better understand yourself and to successfully manifest your energy. Bellow, you will find the first 30th sabian symbols of the zodiac – those for the sign of Aries.

aries sabian symbols


Aries Sabian Symbols

• 0-1 degrees Aries

A Woman Just Risen From the Sea; a Seal Is Embracing Her


• 1-2 degrees Aries

A Comedian Reveals Human Nature


• 2-3 degrees Aries

The Cameo Profile of a Man, Suggesting The Shape Of His Country


• 3-4 degrees Aries

Two Lovers Strolling On A Secluded Walk


• 4-5 degrees Aries

A Triangle with Wings


• 5-6 degrees Aries

A Square, With One of Its Sides Brightly Illumined


• 6-7 degrees Aries

A Man Succeeds In Expressing Himself Simultaneously In Two Realms


• 7-8 degrees Aries

A Large Woman’s Hat with Streamers Blown by an East Wind


• 8-9 degrees Aries

A Crystal Gazer


• 9-10 degrees Aries

A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms to Traditional Images



• 10-11 degrees Aries

The Ruler of a Nation


• 11-12 degrees Aries

A Triangularly Shaped Flight of Wild Geese


• 12-13 degrees Aries

An Unexploded Bomb Reveals an Unsuccessful Social Protest


• 13-14 degrees Aries

A Serpent Coiling Near a Man And A Woman


• 14-15 degrees Aries

An Indian Weaving a Ceremonial Blanket


• 15-16 degrees Aries

Nature Spirits Are Seen At Work In The Light Of Sunset


• 16-17 degrees Aries

Two Dignified Spinsters Sitting In Silence


• 17-18 degrees Aries

An Empty Hammock Stretched Between Two Trees


• 18-19 degrees Aries

The Magic Carpet of Oriental Imagery


• 19-20 degrees Aries

A Young Girl Feeding Birds in winter


• 20-21 degrees Aries

A Pugilist Enters the Ring



• 21-22 degrees Aries

The Gate to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires


• 22-23 degrees Aries

A Pregnant Woman in Light Summer Dress


• 23-24 degrees Aries

Blown Inward By The Wind, The Curtains Of An Open Window Take The Shape Of A Cornucopia


• 24-25 degrees Aries

The Possibility for Man to Gain Experience at Two Levels of Being


• 25-26 degrees Aries

A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold


• 26-27 degrees Aries

Through Imagination A Lost Opportunity Is Regained


• 27-28 degrees Aries

A Large Audiences Confronts the Performer Who Disappointed Its Expectations


• 28-29 degrees Aries

The Music Of The Spheres


• 29-30 degrees Aries

A Duck Pond and Its Brood


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