We propose you a personalized astrology report – a natal chart interpretation. This is not computer-generated, but realized especially for you, by our astrologer. Bellow, you can see what this astrological report contains:


  • your natal chart, with positions for planets, Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Immum Coeli, asteroids, astrology report natal chart interpretationlunar nodes and Lilith;


  • planets in signs, planets in houses and house cusps signs interpretation;


  • the most important astral aspects on your natal chart: conjunctions, sextiles, trines, squares, oppositions from your natal chart and their meaning;


  • your health horoscope: clues to your health and what you can do to improve problems you may have, answers to your specific health concern;


  • career astrological report: vocational aptitudes, different types of challenges that appear in your professional life, answers to your specific career concern;


  • financial astrological report; most suitable ways to earn money, areas in which work should be done to accumulate wealth, favourable times, when you can unlock wealth, answers to your specific financial concern;


  • what type of partner you are and what type of partner you need (your ideal love match, according to your natal chart), astrological aspects influencing your love life and your marriage, answers to your specific relational concern;


  • astrology report for family life; the importance of parents and siblings in your life, your chances to give birth to a child, best time to get pregnant, answers to your specific family concern;


  • karmic astrology; past lives, your soul’s purpose for this lifetime, the lessons to be learned,


  • elements of predictive astrology; where the planets are in the current time period, what aspects they form to your natal planets, what influences these aspects bring, how long they will last, how you may deal with these influences.


In order to realize your astrology report, we need your name, date and time of birth and also the nearest town or city.

Once you have sent your request form, you will receive your report in seven days. This is NOT a computer-generated reading, so we need this time to read your natal chart. The astrology report is realized by our astrologer and tarot reader, Christian Ene. The price for this astrological report is 300 US dollars, 270 Euros or 245 British pounds.

You can contact us via e-mail: evannow2004@yahoo.com