Between May 16th and July 1st, 2019, Mars transits the sign of Cancer. Mars is a masculine planet, associated with energy, strength, aggression and impulsiveness. It governs competitions, war and physical activities.

In the water and cardinal sign of Cancer, Mars is in fall, because Cancer opposites Capricorn, sign where Mars is in exaltation. So, for people born having Mars in this sign, emotions are very intense and it can be difficult to think rational in stress conditions. On the contrary, they tend to make decisions based on their mood at a certain moment.

Let’s see what this transit means for our family and relationships, but also for finances and health.

mars in cancer 2019

Mars in Cancer for Relationships

When Mars transits the sign Cancer, you tend to believe that the family is the centre of the Universe. A happy home and a happy family is the main purpose of life. So, you become very protective of those you love.

Between May 16th and July 1st, you need to give time to each and every one of your family members, so you can understand every individual properly. Also remember to treat everyone as equal, to treat everyone like you would want to be treated! Listen to them when they want to say something; try to be with them when they need you. Give them your time and love!

For those who haven’t a family, maybe now this is the best time to create one. In a marriage, Mars in Cancer needs, but also offers, a lot of affection and romance. In bed, they are rather traditionalists.

And, last but not least: for Mars in Cancer, a family is not a family without kids. Planets in Cancer make you a good parent, teaching you how to protect your children.

Mars in Cancer for Your Finances

Original business ideas and risky investments are not recommended, during this transit. But Mars can help you to discover new great ways to save money. For example – also remembering that Cancer is the ultimate family man – cooking at home is much easier than you think, but also cheaper than take-out or dining out.

You can also go through your cell phone bill, look for services you don’t use, and ditch them. Buying used when you can will also make the difference, financially speaking. Let’s not forget that Cancer loves old and ancient things!

One of the best ways to save money is to set a savings goal. It is important to be a real important goal for you. It can be vacation, down payment for a car or your children education.

Mars in Cancer for Your Health

With Mars transiting Cancer, a lot of things can affect your mood. For example, there are studies proving that food affects your mood more than you think. What you eat determine how you feel in the next few hours. A good breakfast, with lots of fibre and nutrients, leads to improved mood, along with better memory and more energy throughout the day. Caffeine, on the contrary, may exacerbate depression. And a late coffee keeps you awake at night, affecting your mood the next day.

These are just two examples. If you want to avoid problems, eat enough and eat healthy!

Besides food, there are many other feed that easily can change your mood, when Mars transits Cancer:

  • it makes it that much harder to maintain a positive mindset when you’re surrounded by negative people;
  • spending too much time on social media can prove detrimental to your mental and physical health.
  • it is also a well-known fact that people who get the recommended amount of sunlight are happier.


Starting July 1st, Mars will transit the fire sign of Leo. Then, on August 18th, Mars will start transiting Virgo.

The next time Mars will transit Cancer will be in 2021, between April 23rd and June 11th.

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