We present you the crystals associated with the element fire and with the fire zodiac signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The element fire is generated by the cardinal sign of Aries, is concentrated by the fixed sign of Leo and is distributed by the mutable sign of Sagittarius. Those born under these signs are strong, creative and fun.

Fire Qualities and Fire Gods

Fire is the element related to qualities such as passion, enthusiasm, courage and dynamism. The ancient Greeks and Romans had a good number of fire deities. The most important of them were Helios (titan personification of the Sun, driving his chariot across the sky) Hestia (or Vesta, for the Romans, goddess of the hearth and its fires), Hephaestus (equivalent of the Roman Vulcan, god of crafting and fire) or Fornax (Roman goddess of the furnace, the divine personification of the oven).

Other water gods, in different mythologies, were Agni (god of fire in Hindu mythology), Amaterasu (goddess of the sun in Japan), Ra (fire god of the sun, light and warmth in ancient Egypt) and Chantico (goddess of the hearth fires and volcanoes in the Aztec mythology).

fire crystals aries leo sagittarius

Crystals for Fire Signs

You need minerals and stones associated with the element fire when you lack qualities associated with this element. For example, we recommend fire-associated crystals if you want to bring more passion into your life or if you lack courage. Those crystals also can help you to cultivate your inner strength.

Recommended crystals to bring more passion into your life: red aventurine, tiger eye, red jasper, carnelian, ruby

Best crystals for courage and overcoming fear: beryl, bloodstone, amazonite, carnelian, goldstone, pyrite

Aries zodiac sign – recommended crystals: bloodstone, ruby, fire agate, carnelian, citrine, red jasper, anyolite, aventurine, hematite

Leo zodiac sign – recommended crystals: sunstone, goldstone, carnelian, citrine, tigers eye, amber, pyrite, howlite, peridote, hematite

Sagittarius zodiac sign – recommended crystals: tangerine quartz, peacock ore, turquoise, lapis lazuli, peridot, sodalite, hematite, citrine.

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