What do you need to know, when you are dating a Gemini woman?

Some say talking is a woman’s sport. This is especially true for Gemini women. They are very talkative, so you need some serious listening skills, when dating one of the women born under this astrological sign. You need to give her a chance (or, many chances) to talk, so she will feel good if you keep asking her about her hobbies, life, job, family, friends… about everything, actually. Make sure you listen to her answers and make her feel important.  This is an important step, for a good relationship.

But listening is not enough. You also have to talk, and to talk smart. You don’t need a college degree to talk to a Gemini woman, but she will never really connect with a man who is constantly talking about things as trivial as the weather. You need to discuss more complicated topics, which many people avoid, like politics or religion. It will be stimulating for her and you will increase chances to hold her attention. Don’t forget to mention a few book and authors you read recently. That will impress her.

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A Gemini woman is two, or more, women rolled into one. So, you need to seduce, attract and conquer each of them. So, don’t repeat yourself! For example, don’t take her on a date twice in the same place! Even if she enjoyed it, consider it a good one time experience and, next time, find something new! She enjoyed that dinner at an Italian restaurant? It doesn’t mean that she’ll be happy to eat pasta or lasagne every time she dates you! Next time, try French or Mexican food! And this applies not only for food, but for anything else. Diversify!

Being so talkative means that she is also sociable, that she knows many people and she has a lot of friends and acquaintances. You will probably have to also hang around with some of these people. When she wants you to know the people she enjoys spending her time with, this is a very good sign. She is sharing another side of herself and making a good impression will strengthen your relationship with her. So, be open to this idea! And then, from time to time, try to include her friends in your plans together!

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She is a curious woman and you need to maintain curiosity in your couple. Always remember what Thomas Hobbes said: „Curiosity is the lust of the mind“. And another quote, from one man who really knew what he was talking about – Giacomo Casanova: „Love is three quarters curiosity“. So, try to create more mystery in your relationship and surprise her constantly!

She is more women rolled into one, do you remember? Sometimes, this means she is very indecisive, like each of her different inner women wants something else. In this moment, you will need a lot of patience. Your ego will also be hurt, because your opinion will not be sufficient for her. On the contrary, she will solicit pretty much everyone’s opinion before figuring out her own. She will ask you, but also close relatives, neighbours, friends, acquaintances and even a stranger, arguing that he can be more objective, because he is not emotionally implied.

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A last tip: don’t ever try to control her! Like all the air signs, the Gemini woman enjoys freedom! If she tells you something like „you’re so controlling!“, probably the next thing you will hear from her is „Goodbye!“. Let her be who she is and learn to have faith in her! So, you will maximize chances to build a long-time relationship with a Gemini woman and the first date will not be the last one.

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