This is the 2019 Pisces love horoscope. This year, there are big chances to find a new love or to take your relationship to the next step. During the summer, some anger management is necessary. HERE is 2019 Pisces money horoscope.

Define Your Ideals

The astrological aspect for Pisces: Saturn sextile Neptune (January 31st, June 19th, November 9th)

First time this aspect occurs, on January 31st, both planets are in direct motion (Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces). The second time, on June 19th, Saturn is retrograde, while Neptune is direct. The third and the last time, on November 9th, Saturn is direct and Neptune is retrograde.

Now, this is a good time to define your ideals, in love as in any other domains. This is because you will be realistic, but still following your dreams. Now it is also a good time to stop dreaming about your ideal partner and to start doing something in order to find him/her. He/she will probably not knock on your door, so that you must to go out and search. Go to friends’ birthday parties, take a class (you will learn something new, but you will also increase your chances to meet someone). There are also good opportunities to meet someone while volunteering. Then, be sure you’ll make a good first impression! It really matters.

2019 pisces love horoscope

Anger Management

The astrological aspect for Pisces: Mercury retrograde in fifth house (July 19th-July 31st)

During this retrograde transit, you need to remember that angry people aren’t attractive. Some Pisces are a little overemotional, like any water sign. So that the last twelve days of July represent the appropriate time to learn how to be less emotional in your relationship.

For example, it is helpful to discuss your emotions with your partner using „I“ statements. Instead of saying, „You’re wrong!“, it is a better approach to say „I don’t agree with you“. You express the same feeling, but you attitude is less aggressive and your partner will be more open to a discussion.

Keeping your voice down and avoiding aggressive body language (like tapping your feet when raising your voice) will also help you a lot.

And, maybe the most important, never forget that love is the answer and the solution for everything! Show care and concern in a way your partner would experience as loving and your partner’s reaction will deeply satisfy you.

A New Relationship

The astrological aspect for Pisces: New Moon in the Seventh House (August 30th)

This is a Black Moon – a second new moon that appears in a calendar month. Indeed, on August 1st there is a New Moon in Leo. Then, on August 30th, there is a Black Moon in Virgo and in Pisces’ seventh house, the astrological house of relationships and marriage. Wiccans believe that the black moon is a special time, when any rituals, spells, or other workings are considered to be more powerful and effective. But here we are not speaking about spells, but about love.

The new moon in the seventh house is an excellent time to meet someone and to start a relationship. It is also a good time to restart a broken relationship or to take your relationship to the next step. If you told him/her something only your closest friends know, if you’ve talked about everything, but there’s still more to say, if you’re planning a lot of future activities for the two of you, things are clear: take the next step in your relationship!

A More Intimate Relationship

The astrological aspect for Pisces: Mars transiting the eighth house (October 4th-November 19th)

For one month and a half, with Mars transiting the eight astrological house, you have personal power, self-confidence and you easily attract a partner (or more partners, depends what you want). So, great news for single Pisces – they will be lonely no more.

On the other hand, the ones who already are involved will build a more intimate relationship with their partner. Nothing superficial will satisfy Pisces during this time; they need profound and meaningful experiences with others. You need experiences for your body (like circling, skiing or swimming together), for your heart (like finding new ways to declare your love or looking to old photos) and for your brain (like becoming a book club members, learning a new language or meditating together).

Pisces – Best Time for Love, in 2019

February 10th-March 6th: Venus in the first house

February 17th: Venus sextile Neptune

April 10th: Venus conjunct Neptune

May 30th: Venus sextile Neptune

July 18th: Venus trine Neptune

August 30th: New Moon (a Black Moon) in the Seventh House

August 21st-September 14th: Venus in the seventh house

October 21st: Venus trine Neptune

December 8th: Venus sextile Neptune

A Love Song for Pisces, in 2019