This is the 2019 Capricorn love horoscope. The major astrological event is Uranus entering Capricorn’s house of love, which offers a new sense of adventure to those born under this sign. HERE is 2019 Capricorn money horoscope.

Spice Up Your Relationship

The astrological aspect for Capricorn: Uranus transiting the fifth house (starting March 6th)

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of commitment, responsibility and traditions, Capricorns are considered serious and sober individuals. In relationships, they know how to create a stable and secure environment for their partners. Many of them would rather be alone than jump from partner to partner.

Well, with Uranus, the planet of revolutions, ingenuity and surprises, transiting Capricorn’s astrological house of love, those born under this sign become more eager to experiment different types of relationships. Right now, it is important for their partner to be open to new ideas and to keep the thrill in his/her relationship with the Goat. Otherwise, Capricorn may search and find new sensations by having an affair or by replacing him/her with someone else.

2019 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Accept Differences!

The astrological aspect for Capricorn: Mercury retrograde in the eighth and the seventh house (July 9th-July 31st)

Between July 9th and July 19th, Mercury, the planet of communication, moves backwards in Leo and Capricorn’s eighth house, the astrological house of intimacy. Then, between July 19th and the last day of this summer month, Mercury moves backwards in Cancer and Capricorn’s seventh house, the astrological house of relationship and marriage.

In the first ten days of this retrograde transit, some money problems may affect your couple. So, this is the perfect time to find some solutions to these financial issues. The first step is to dig up the root of the problem. You need to find out who the saver is and who the spender is in your couple, if both you and partner earn enough money, if you lie about money to your spouse or if he/she is lying to you.  Then, talk sincerely about it and set some realistic goals!

Then, starting July 19th until July 31st, what you have to do is to recognize and accept differences between you and your partner. You don’t have to a perfect copy of each other; you aren’t twin brothers or clones. A relationship is, above anything else, about love. Focus on this feeling!

A Sense of Adventure

The astrological aspect for Capricorn: Uranus retrograde in the Fifth House (August 12th, 2019-January 1st, 2020)  

I already said that, with Uranus transiting Capricorn’s house of love for the next seven years, those born under this sign need to add a sense of adventure in their relationships. This feeling is more powerful when Saturn turns retrograde, like between August 12th 2019 and the first day of 2020. So, here are some ideas, to make your relationship more thrilling:

  • Hold eye contact longer than what feels comfortable.
  • Kiss a little longer and deeper than you normally would.
  • Buy him/her a gift unexpectedly.

This is good for the beginning. Then, depending on him/he reaction, you can go to the next level. For example:

  • do together some things that scare you! You may start with a horror movie, and then with something more serious and more scary; of course, without getting each of you in real danger!
  • take a trip to nowhere, without knowing where you are going, with no packing and no planning. There are great chances to enjoy the adventure.

Celebrate Love!

The astrological aspect for Capricorn:  Full Moon in the Fifth House (November 12th)

This is also a good time to bring your relationship to a new, more exciting, and more pleasurable level. If you are already committed, today is a must to be together. At least for a few hours, forget about anything else and go to a romantic dinner! And don’t forget about little romantic gestures, like recording a love message on his/her phone or cook him/her a favourite meal, and have it ready when he/she walks through the door! Celebrate love together!

Capricorn – best time for love, in 2019

February 3rd-March 1st: Venus in the first house

February 18th: Venus conjunct Saturn

April 12th: Venus sextile Saturn

May 31st: Venus trine Saturn

September 1st: Venus trine Saturn

October 20th: Venus sextile Saturn

November 12th: Full Moon in the fifth house

November 26th-December 20th: Venus in the first house

December 11th: Venus conjunct Saturn

A Love Song for Capricorn, in 2019