This is the 2019 Virgo love horoscope. With Saturn transiting the house of love and romance, this is not an easy year, for Virgo men and women. They need to learn how to love themselves and how to become more responsible, in their relationships. Some lessons will be tough. In the last month of 2019, Jupiter also entering the fifth house brings better news, for December and for the next year. HERE is 2019 Virgo money horoscope.

In a Complicated Relationship

The astrological aspect for Virgo: Neptune in seventh house (all year long)

You certainly know the Facebook status: in a complicated relationship. When you have Neptune, planet associated with idealism, dreams and illusion, transiting the house of relationships, there are big chances to have this status. And there are so many types of complicated relationships! Here are some of them:

  • When they love each other, but one of them is already engaged or even married;
  • When they both like each other, but they are too afraid to say anything.
  • When they don’t love each other anymore, but they pretend like they still do.
  • When one of them feels that he/she is in love with him/her, but also with someone else.
  • The social media relationship, when communication is great, but they actually never saw each other.
  • When you work together and you know that relationship isn’t a good idea or maybe isn’t allowed, but….

And the list may continue. Things will be complicated especially between June 21st and November 27th, when Neptune is retrograde. You can clear hem in the last month of the year, maybe on your winter holydays.

2019 virgo love horoscope

You Deserve Love!

The astrological aspect for Virgo: Saturn direct in the fifth house (January 1st-April 30th; September 18th-December 2nd)

You deserve love. It is important to remember it, during this transit of Saturn, planet of restrictions and boundaries, in the astrological house of love and romance. It is possible for some Virgos to feel like they have less love in their life, to feel neglected or ignored. But this is the lesson of the planet: to love yourself and, then, to be loved by others.

„Be yourself; everyone else is already taken“, said Oscar Wilde. And he was right. If you don’t love yourself, how can anybody else love you? Learn how to appreciate your talents and your beauty! You are not perfect, but you don’t need to be perfect. What is more important than being perfect is to be willing to grow. One step at a time is enough to proceed forward; in life and also in love.

Once you love yourself, it will be easy to be loved by others. Just treat them how you want to be treated, compliment others and be social, not forgetting to be yourself! It will help you a lot, during this saturnian transit.

A More Trustworthy Relationship

The astrological aspect for Virgo: Saturn retrograde in the fifth house (April 30th-September 18th)

Lack of responsibility is no more tolerated, in your relationships. You need to be careful, because you risk losing your partner if you have affairs (now, there is more difficult to maintain them secret) and if you cannot develop a more trustworthy relationship.

How to do it? You can start with simple, basic things, like keeping your promises, admitting your mistakes, having realistic and fair expectations, showing your affection in whatever way you can. Your partner doesn’t need a superhero, only needs you to really be there, to devote time to her and to support her.

Remember! Nobody should feel lonely in a relationship. If this happens, it is probably better to end that relationship.

Better News from Jupiter

The astrological aspect for Virgo: Jupiter direct in the fifth house (starting December 2nd, 2019)

After such complicated transits during 2019, Jupiter finally brings some good news! Actually, this is a transit that will influence Virgo men and women especially next year, in 2020. But it all begins in December 2019. There are big chances to fall in love, during this transit. Those who are single will have many occasions to meet a potential partner. Those who are attached will bring some romance back into their relationship. We’ll tell you more about it, next year.

Virgo – Best Time for Love, in 2019:

February 3rd-March 1st: Venus in the fifth house

March 26th-April 15th: Venus in th seventh house

July 25th: Mercury conjunct Venus

August 21st-September 14th: Venus in the first house

September 13th: Mercury conjunct Venus

October 30th: Mercury conjunct Venus

December 2nd-December 31st: Jupiter in the fifth house

A Love Song for Virgo, in 2019