This is the 2019 Gemini love horoscope. With Jupiter transiting the seventh astrological house for eleven months, this is good news for Gemini’s relationships. HERE is 2019 Gemini money Horoscope.

Increased Harmony

The astrological aspect for Gemini: Jupiter direct in the seventh house (January 1st-April 10th; August 11th-December 2nd)

If you are single, there are great chances to find your partner, between January 1st and April 10th, then between August 11th and December 2nd. Go to concerts, exhibitions, any kind of art and sport events! There are the best chances to meet someone. Increase your confidence and talk to anyone you feel attracted – this will increase your chances to find the ideal partner.

If you are already committed, this is the best time to take your relationship to the next level. For each couple, this new level means something else, according to their common past and to their wishes: for some of them, the next step is engagement, marriage or just moving together; for other, is about pregnancy or adoption. But one thing is clear: you will enjoy increased harmony in all your relationships.

2019 gemini love horoscope

Evaluate Your Relationship

The astrological aspect for Gemini: Saturn direct in the eighth house (January 1st-April 10th, August 11th-December 31st)

Saturn wants Geminis to examine their intimate relationships and to better evaluate them. There are some basic questions that every Gemini should answer, during this transit:

  • Do you feel safe letting yourself be vulnerable with this person?
  • Does this relationship encourage you to think beyond the immediate?
  • Do you think about your partner a lot when you’re not together?
  • Are you both happy with what’s happening in the bedroom?
  • Do you get each other’s feeling without the need to say anything?
  • Are you a better person than you was before the relationship began?

These are honest questions, offer them sincere answers!

Maintain Balance in Your Relationship

The astrological aspect for Gemini: Jupiter retrograde in the seventh house (April 10th-August 11th)

When Jupiter is retrograde, it may be difficult, for some Geminis, to maintain balance in their relationship. Feeling like you are giving more than your partner is bad news for a relationship. Neither feeling that you are receiving more than your partner, even if, at the beginning, this second situation may seem more comfortable. Once the balance between give and take is broken, difficulties arise.

In order to avoid this, you and your partner need, in the first place, to make time for each other. Next time when you neglect him/her and you prefer spending time with your friends or working after hours, be mindful of your spouse’s importance to you! I bet he or she is more important than drinking beer with friends or making your boss happy. You need to know how and when to say no to your friends and bosses, and, instead, to say yes to your partner.

Financial Challenges for Your Couple

The astrological aspect for Gemini: Saturn retrograde in the eighth house (April 30th-September 18th)  

With Saturn retrograde in the eighth astrological house, there is a risk of money causing problems in Geminis’ relationships. There are many financial challenges for each couple, starting with the classical question: should you manage money jointly or separately? Each of you had to answer for his own relationship, according to his own experience and his own understanding of what a healthy financial relationship means.

But here are some financial mistakes that most couples make:

  • not talking about money. Maybe it was rude to talk about money when you were to complete strangers or at the very beginning of your relationship. But, after you move in together, this is a must.
  • lying about money. For some couples, it is ok to decide that they want to manage money separately. But that doesn’t mean that it is ok to hide money from your spouse. You cannot love without trusting a person. Financial infidelity us cheating, just like any other kind of infidelity.
  • envy or jealousy about money. the ancient Greek tragedian Aeschylus said that „It is in the character of very few men to honour without envy a friend who has prospered“. But, in a relationship, things have to be different: Honour your partner, when he/she prospers!

Deeper Levels of Intimacy

The astrological aspect for Gemini: Jupiter direct in the eighth house (starting December 2d, 2018)

This is a transit that will influence Geminis especially next year, in 2020. But it all begins in December 2019. Having Jupiter in the astrological house of intimacy, deeper levels of intimacy can be and will be experienced by Geminis. You’ll find out more about this, next year.

Gemini – Best Time for Love, in 2019:

January 1st-April 10th: Jupiter in the seventh house

April 24th-May 19th: Venus in the first house

July 25th: Mercury conjunct Venus

August 11th-December 2nd: Jupiter in the seventh house

September 13th: Mercury conjunct Venus

October 30th: Mercury conjunct Venus

A Love Song for Gemini, in 2019