This is the 2019 Aries love horoscope. It is an interesting year for Aries men and women, with Mars, Mercury and two full moons helping them to improve their relationships. (HERE is 2019 Aries money horoscope)

Be yourself and you’ll Be a Good Partner!

The astrological aspect for Aries: Mars Direct All Year Long

Good news for Aries, in 2019: all year long, there is no retrograde motion of Mars, the astrological ruler of this zodiac sign. Last time when Mars, the planet named after the Roman god of war, was retrograde was between June 26th and August 27th 2018. The next time is between September 9th and November 14th 2020. So, for more than 24 consecutive months, Aries men and women can be themselves and manifest their positive personal qualities. But what are these qualities? Well, in love, an Aries is passionate, usually makes the first move and is always in good shape. Aries hates laziness and, for those born under this sign, the ideal date is an adventure, so that is a good idea to do something wild. You can find out more about Aries woman here and here.

Does Your Relationship Helps You Flourish?

The astrological aspect for Aries: Full Moon in the seventh house – March, 21st and April 19th

In the spring of 2019, there are two consecutive full moons in the same astrological sign: Full Moon in Libra, on March 21st, and another Full Moon in Libra, on April 19th. This is also the seventh house of Aries, so that this double astral phenomenon influences Aries’ love life.

With the full moon in the house of relationships, the most important thing is to evaluate if your relationship helps you (and also your partner) to grow as a person. According to Psychology Today, there are some clear signs your relationship is or isn’t helping you and your partner flourish. Maybe the most important is that your partner encourages you to be yourself and you encourage him/her to be himself/herself. It is also a good sign when your relationship provides practical support that allows you to pursue your personal goals. Or if your relationship provides practical support that allows you to pursue your personal goals. Think about it!

Rekindle an Old Relationship?  

The astrological aspect for Aries: Mercury retrograde in 5th house, July 9th-July 19th

In the middle of the summer, some Aries may decide to rekindle an old relationship. This will always be a good idea with one condition: if you haven’t stopped loving that person. If it’s been a long time, and you’re still thinking about him or her, it is a good idea to give the relationship another chance. There are some evident benefits, the most important of them being that you already know one another.

But, when you give your ex another chance, there are also some risks, There is an old saying that trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. If, in the past, your ex completely broke your trust, this is enough reason to remain an ex. You have to remember how and why your relationship ended in the first place and you also should remember than most people never change. If this is the case, remember that there are plenty more fish in the sea!

Evaluate Your Intimate Relationship

The astrological aspect for Aries: Mercury retrograde in 8th house, November 1st-Nvember 18th

Being emotionally available to your partner (and your partner being emotionally available for you) is maybe the most important aspect of a relationship. In a healthy couple, you share your emotions and thoughts with your partner and you are willing to hear him or her emotion and thoughts. If this is not your case, the first thing to do is to make time for deeply emotional conversations. Maybe you can talk at the end of the day, when you go to bed; or in the week-end, when you have enough time to listen and to understand each other.

Then, it is always helpful to break the routine and to do something new together. Remember that you are an Aries and be bold! Make the first move, tell her/him exactly what you want and also ask what he/she wants to experiment.

Aries-best time for love, in 2019:

  • January 18th: Venus trine Mars
  • April 20th-May 15th: Venus in Aries
  • May 15th: Venus sextile Mars
  • July 1st-July 18th: Mars in Aries’ fifth house
  • August 24th: Venus conjunct Mars
  • October 4th-November 19th: Mars in Aries’ seventh house
  • December 3rd: Venus sextile Mars

A Love Song for Aries, in 2019