This is the 2019 Pisces money horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. The best news for Pisces is that Jupiter transits, for eleventh months, their astrological house of career and public image. So, this is a good year for those Pisces want to build a more successful career. HERE is 2019 Pisces love horoscope.

January 1st-April 10th: Jupiter in the Tenth House – Good Time for Your Career

On November 8th, 2018, Jupiter – the most important benefic planet – entered the astrological house of career and social status and it stays there until the end of 2019. Between January 1st and April 10th, the planet moves forward, announcing a good time for your career. Doors in the area of career open with ease, during this transit – there could be a promotion, new job opportunities or a diploma. Now, you are happy with your occupation and its earning potential, your work is challenging and fulfilling and you are constantly setting new and exciting goals. All these are signs of being successful. This period of time is particularly beneficial for those Pisces having jobs in public relations, administration, politics, performing arts and showbiz – it will be expanded audience and acknowledgement for their work.

For other Pisces, this is a good time to go ask for a raise or to get a promotion. If you do not obtain a new and better position within the same company, maybe you have to find a new and better job, where you will be more appreciated. Jupiter will support you to find this new job. Just focus on your strengths, think about things you’re good at, customise your CV for each recruiter you meet and go for it! Authority figures and influential people (parents, bosses, mentors, teachers or spiritual gurus) have a kindly attitude toward you, during this transit.

2019 pisces horoscope

March, 6th: Uranus Leaves the Second House – Better Organized at Work

For the first time, Uranus entered Taurus last year, on May 15th. But, on November 6th 2018, the planet came back to Aries. This time, when Uranus re-enters Taurus, on March 15th, this is for long time: it will be there until 7 July 2025.

During the last seven years, when it was in Aries, Uranus transited Pisces’ second house – astrological house of work, personal finances and possessions. Pisces were inclined to take a few more risks with their finances, obtaining mixed results; sometimes they won large amounts of money, but sometimes they lost. Another tendency during this transit was to find some unusual ways of making money. When Uranus leaves Pisces’ second house, they forget about these strange ideas and they are interested in more traditional ways to earn money. They will also be more serious and better organized at work.

April 10th-August 18th: Jupiter Retrograde in the Tenth House – Need for Self-Improvement

During these four months and a week, those born under the sign of Pisces have to improve their professional skills, in order to fulfil their projects and their professional goals. Pisces employees discover that they need to complete their studies and to expand their knowledge. So, between April 10th and August 18th it is a good time to take some college courses online, to participate in conferences and workshops, to read more (remember that all the billionaires are doing it!) and to try to become the best in your domain of expertise. In just two words: self-improvement. Or, if you like it better, call it personal development. Then, you will be able to create new goals for yourself, that are bigger and more daring than you would have previously thought possible.

July 9th-July 19th: Mercury Retrograde in the Sixth House – Unfair Criticism

In the middle of the summer, with Mercury moving backward in the sixth house, there are many critical and negative people around you, especially at work. Most Pisces employees will have to deal with an overly critical boss or with difficult colleagues. That means a lot of stress, especially when you have to deal with unfair criticism. In such situations, you must let your boss know his criticisms have affected you, but don’t counter-criticize and don’t start an open conflict! That will not help –at least, not during Mercury’s backward movement. Retrograde Mercury also affects your physical work capacity, so that you may feel tired more often than usual. So, maybe the most idea for the middle of July is to take a vacation and forget about work.

August 11th-August 20th: Mercury Direct in the Sixth House – Improve Communication at Work

If you made some mistakes between July 9th and July 19th (when Mercury was moving backward through your house of jobs, employments, routine tasks and duties), now it is a good time to fix them. Now, your mind is focused on work and you also improve communication at work. You take more time to listen, but you also are more authentic when you communicate with your bosses and colleagues. You know how to give positive feedback, but you also know – when is needed – to give negative feedback properly, to disagree without being disagreeable.

August 18th-December 2nd: Jupiter direct in the tenth house – New Career Opportunities

For the second time this year, Jupiter transits your tenth house, bringing increased public recognition and professional success. Like between January 1st and April 10th, there could be a raise, a promotion, new job opportunities, maybe a major award. You have almost three months and a half to take advantage of this beneficial astrological transit, at the end of 2019.