This is the 2019 Capricorn money horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. Saturn continues its transit through the first astrological house. During the summer, Mercury – first direct, the retrograde, the=n again direct in the eighth house – offers Capricorns the ability to use other’s capital to make money. HERE is Capricorn love horoscope 2019.

All year long: Saturn in the First House – Planning Is Good

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so that, on December 20th 2017, this planet came home, after more than twenty five years spent transiting the other 11 astrological signs. 2019 is the second consecutive year with Saturn transiting all year long Capricorn’s first house and the planet will help those born under this sign to become more realistic. They feel more mature and they can take on more responsibility. They are careful and fair in their judgments, so that they will be considered a lot more realistic than if they make quick or rash decisions without any deliberate consideration. Some quotes to inspire you:

  • „A goal without a plan is just a wish”. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  • „Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” (Abraham Lincoln)
  • „Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago“ (Warren Buffett)

capricorn 2019 horoscope

March, 21st and April 19th: Full Moon in Libra – Self-Promotion

It is quite unusual to have two consecutive full moons in the same zodiac sign. That happens on March and April 2019, in Libra and Capricorn’s tenth house. The Full Moon in the tenth astrological house is the time when everyone notices you, whether you want it or not. Now, with Moon in Libra opposite the Sun in Aries, it is the best time to highlight your accomplishments and to promote yourself. You have to create an effective action plan, to prepare yourself for meeting a lot of people, going to a job interview or speaking in front of a large audience.

These are only few possibilities – every Capricorn has to choose the right action, having the best chances to make a difference. But this decisive action must include self-promotion. Renounce the false modesty and speak freely about yourself – no one knows better than you what you have accomplished and where you want to go, in your career.

June 27th-July 9th: Mercury Direct in the Eighth House – Well-Informed

With Mercury, planet of communication, thinking and learning, transiting the eighth house, astrological house of finances and other person’s resource, Capricorns gain the ability to use other’s capital to make money. In the last days of June and in the first week of July, they should try their luck in business. Capricorn’s learning abilities are higher during this transit, so that entrepreneurs born under this sign take time to learn and to gain a complete understanding of their business: the competitive environment, the best way to sell their products or services, legal matters, contracts, leases, insurances, how to make employees feel appreciated. Being so well-informed, Capricorns may become successful businessmen faster than everyone expected.

July 9th-July 19th: Mercury Retrograde in the Eighth House – Change How you React  

With Mercury retrograde in the eighth house, there may be some delays for Capricorns, regarding financial support, loans or taxes. Also, investments don’t work successful for most of them.  Mercury is a planet of communication and interaction with other people. You can’t change what other people say or what other people do and you cannot eliminate stressful factors in your financial life, during these ten days. But what you can change is your reaction to any problem.

When Mercury is retrograde in your eighth house, you need to be realistic regarding money. If you cannot make more money, is a sure thing you can save more money, by spending wisely. When waiting for Mercury to stop moving backward, it is also important to find positive aspect in your life every day. It will make a big difference in the amount of stress that you feel.

August 11th-August 20th: Mercury Again Direct in the Eighth House

If you made some mistakes between July 9th and July 19th, when Mercury was retrograde, this is the best time to fix them. Like between June 27th and July 9th, this is a good time to negotiate and to study, in order to make more money.

October 5th-November 19th: Mars transits the tenth house – Full of Energy

At the beginning of October, Mars enters the tenth astrological house of Capricorn, making those born under this sign feel powerful and determined to push ahead, until they reach their goals like a mountain goat reach the summit. No obstacle will get in the way of Capricorns’ success, but there are some risks, caused by the competitive and even warrior influence of Mars. Sometimes during this period, it will be difficult for Capricorn employees to avoid conflict in the workplace. If you can not to avoid it, sometimes is better to address the conflict sooner. Don’t wait until you and a colleague feel completely hostile towards one another, but try to discuss the problem face-to-face as soon as possible! And, if the conflict degenerates, try to involve a third party! Find a good mediator – he will help you a lot!