This is the 2019 Libra money horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. Uranus re-entering the eighth house, on March 6th, brings unexpected expenses, but also unexpected income. On the other hand, Venus helps Libras to meet some at their job, in the spring, or to start a relationship with an accountant or a banker, in the autumn. HERE is Libra 2019 love horoscope.

January 1st-June 21st: Neptune Direct in the Sixth House – Value System Changes 

This is a long term-transit, which started in February 2011 and lasts until January 2026. Right now, Libras are in the middle of this transit and they feel that their values system changes. Probably they already understood what values make them happy and what they really want to do in their life. Now, they have to take the next step and to start living their values, creating a life that respect and promote those personal values. The idea is to align their attitude towards work and money with their inner sense of values.

More specific, concerning jobs and finances, Libras have to be careful with job offers that sound too good to be real. They really need critical thinking at work.

libra 2019 horoscope

Starting March 6th: Uranus Direct in the Eighth House – Unexpected Expenses, Unexpected Income

For the first time, Uranus entered Libra’s eighth house last year, on May 15th. But, on November 6th 2018, the planet came back to seventh house. This time, when Uranus re-enters the eighth astrological house, on March 15th, this is for long time: it will be there until 7 July 2025. With the revolutionary and unpredictable Uranus re-entering this house, there will be some periods of time with surprise expenses and maybe more Libras than before will also have to budget with an irregular or fluctuating income.

There are some things you can do, to make things better. From the beginning, you have to know what your monthly discretionary expenses are. Then, you need to understand that an emergency found is necessary. Without money set aside to smooth the cashless weeks, you run the risk of running up debt. So, consider socking away a certain percentage of your pay check each week or month. But there is also good news from Uranus in the eighth house: as it can bring surprise expenses, it will also bring unexpected income. From time to time, there will be such pleasant surprises for you, starting 6 March 2019.

March 26th-April 20th: Venus in the Sixth House – Well Liked at Your Job 

For almost a month, Venus, planet associated with beauty, harmony and solidarity, transits the sixth house – astrological house of health, well-being, jobs and routine tasks. First, this planetary transit can help Libras start a new health regime or change their diet with a healthier one. Then, the good news is that Libra will be generally well liked and respected socially, on the job. Venus also rules arts, so that Libras employees or entrepreneurs can work on a creative project or take a more creative approach at a normal work project. This is good news especially for artists, writers, designers or photographers, but every Libra employee will be more creative and will prove more originality in their work.

It you are single, now you can meet someone at your job; for all Libras, it is possible to start a relationship (or at least to have an affair) with a co-worker, a boss or a subordinate. Be aware of the risks of such an affair!

June 21st-November 27th: Neptune retrograde in the sixth house – Avoid Daydreaming! 

With Neptune moving backward in their sixth house, it is difficult for those born under the sign of Libra to control their mind and thoughts, especially when they are at work. There is a persistent tendency to daydreaming, so that productivity is affected. Absenteeism and lack of discipline are other two possible problems for Libra, between June 21st and November 27th. Considering these problems, increasing focus and attention is a must. There are many meditation and concentration techniques that can help you a lot – you only have to choose the one most convenient to you: It can be breathing meditation, Vipassana, transcendental meditaion or anything else. Just be careful and don’t transform meditation into another kind of day-dreaming!

October 8th-November 1st: Venus in the second house – Feel Comfortable

Between October 8th and November 1st, Venus transits Libra’s second house, the astrological house of money, belongings, property and acquisitions. During this transit, you could meet someone through dealing with money (like at a store or bank) or who works with money (like an accountant, a financial analyst, a banker or a real estate agent). Financial security is more important for you than before and you want your partner to make you feel comfortable.

November 27th-December 31st: Neptune direct in the sixth house

Neptune was retrograde between June 21st and November 27th and it was difficult for Libras to concentrate at work.  Now, Neptune is again moving forward, as it also did in the first half of the year and Libras must remember about aligning their attitude towards work and money with their inner sense of values.