This is the 2019 Leo money horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. With Saturn transiting the sixth house, this will not be an easy year. At least, it will not be easy until December 2nd, when Jupiter entering the same astrological house brings very good news and opportunities. HERE is 2019 Leo love horoscope.

January 1st-April 30th: Saturn in 6th house – Facing Challenges

This is the second consecutive year with Saturn transiting Leo’s sixth house, house of jobs and employments, of routine tasks and duties. Last year, they faced difficulties at their workplace and they needed some months to understand what is happening and how to overcome these difficulties. Now, during the second year of its transit, Saturn has the same influence, but Leos employees are more prepared to face these challenges. Some of them feel overwhelmed with work. Others realize that the job they have is not the one they wanted and they cannot give their best. Maybe some difficult co-workers or a horrible boss undermine them. Each Leo faces a specific problem, not easy to handle. But, in 2019, overcoming this specific problem brings them a feeling of relief and helps them to get ahead in their career.

2019 Leo Horoscope

April 30th-September 18th: Saturn Retrograde in Sixth House – Use Conflicts to Your Advantage

Retrograde Saturn in the sixth house makes it even more difficult, for Leos. They are hard workers, but it is difficult for most of them to build good work relationships. Misunderstandings and conflicts may appear with their colleagues, caused by competing goals or by disagreement about strategy and about execution for achieving team goals. It will be difficult for them to avoid any conflict, but they can learn how to use conflict to their own advantage, at work. The American president Ronald Reagan was right, when he said that „peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means“. And he is the president who ended the Cold War! Conflict can also be an important source of energy and innovation, because it forces Leos to handle problems and to try something new.

Starting March, 6th: (until April 26th, 2026): Uranus in Taurus – Original Ideas at Work

Last year, Uranus entered for the first time after long, long time in Taurus and Leo’s eighth house, one of the astrological houses of finances. But then, being retrograde, Uranus went back to Aries. Now, starting March, 6rg, 2019, Uranus transits again the sign of Taurus and it will stay there until April, 26, 2026. For Leo, it’s time to be more creative, to have original ideas at work. Try being spontaneous and purposefully participating in activities you normally wouldn’t do. Be willing to take risks and to experience failure. So, you will unleash your creativity- it shouldn’t be so difficult for a Leo – the most dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert of all the zodiac signs.

September 18th-December 31st: Saturn direct in the sixth house – Facing challenges makes you stronger

For the second time this year, Saturn transits the sixth house. There are some problems at work, but not as bad as between April 30th and September 18th, when Saturn was retrograde. Now, Leos already understood what changes they need to do, professionally, and they start working to implement these changes.  During the third year of this transit, Saturn will help them to better organize at work and to fully understand what their priorities are.

December 2nd: Jupiter enters sixth house – Great News!

During the third year of Saturn’s transit through the sixth house, Jupiter also comes into this house of jobs and employments. This is, after two difficult years, vet good news for Leo employees.  Now, Leos could gain more wealth if they make good decisions with investments, or through a partnership. Advertising and promotional activities also are highly favoured, with Jupiter transiting the eighth house. So, now it is the time when you need to promote yourself and your business and to become a recognized expert in your field.  There are also better chances than before, for Leos, to receive an inheritance. And this good transit will influence them for more than a year.