This is the 2019 Gemini money horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. Like the last year, 2019 is a difficult one, financially speaking, because of Saturn’s transit through the eighth house, all year long. But Venus (first in February, then in November and December) and especially Jupiter (starting December 2nd) bring also some better news. HERE is 2019 Gemini love horoscope.

January 1st-April 30th: Saturn in the Eighth House –Lessons about Saving and Investing

Like during the last year, in 2019 Saturn also transits Gemini’s eight house, where he entered at the end of 2017. The eighth astrological house symbolizes transformations through growth and change and is also considered the house of shared financial resources. Here, Saturn affects any kind of financial support from another, like inheritances, alimony or even the gifts we receive. Taxes and insurances may also become important issues. Last year, at the beginning of this transit, Saturn’s influences were not well received, because this is the planet of limitations and lessons, associated with restriction.

But now, after more than 12 months of transit, Geminis start to get their finances in order. Diversifying their income sources is a very important step. But, once they start to earn more money, they have to remember another important rule: no one becomes wealthy by spending all their money. They still have to learn important lessons about saving money and about investing money.

gemini 2019 horoscope

February 3rd-March 1st: Venus in the eighth house – More Optimistic Approach

Saturn isn’t the only planet that transits Gemini’s eight astrological house, in 2019. Venus also transits the house of joint funds and finances, for the first time in February and for the second time in November and December. And this is very good news, because, unlike Saturn, a planet of restrictions, Venus brings a more optimistic approach. These four weeks, finances can get some much needed boost especially through Gemini’s spouse, partner or lover. Enjoy, but don’t forget about your work and about your financial lessons! Four weeks don’t last forever. Especially that, after another month, Saturn retrograde is coming!

April 30th-August 11th: Saturn Retrograde in the Eighth House –Financially Depend on Someone

Geminis have already been here, for another four months, last year. So, they know that, having Saturn retrograde in the eight astrological house, they will have to work hard for their money. Certainly, this is not the proper time for gambling and they also shouldn’t expect any inheritance – they will not become rich overnight. Forget, also, about winning the lottery! There is a risk for Geminis to financially depend on someone else, between April 30th and August 11th: their parents, their partner, some richer friends or relatives. Of course, this is not comfortable, financially dependence having hidden cost, starting with self-dignity and health affected by the stress. So, during this transit, Geminis must think about how to make some important steps towards financial freedom.

August 11th-December 31st: Saturn again direct in the eighth house – Some Quotes to Inspire You

As said above, this house symbolizes transformations through growth and change and is also considered the house of shared financial resources. Now, you already understood some lessons offered by Saturn and you already know some tips to make your money grow. I offer you three inspirational quotes about investment:

  • „Know what you own, and know why you own it” (Peter Lynch)
  • „Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this” (Dave Ramsey)
  • „Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take 800 dollars and go to Las Vegas” (Paul Samuelson).

November 26th-December 20th: Venus in the 8th house

It is the second time in 2019 when the planet of love comes to Gemini’s eight house. I already explained above what it means, at its first transit, between February 3rd and March 1st.

December 2nd, 2019: Jupiter in 8th house – Good News for Business Expansion

As we have seen, with Saturn transiting all year long one of the houses of money, things are complicated, for Geminis, in 2019. But there are also reasons for hope. Venus brought some prosperity, through Gemini’s partner, in February and between November 26th and December 20th. And right now, in the last month of the year, Jupiter enters the eight house and help Geminis to solve all their financial problems. Not immediately, because this beneficial planet will stay here more than almost 13 months. But, starting right now, advertising and promotional activities are highly favoured. So promote your business (or yourself)! You also should know that expansion and connection with foreigners become the keys to business success.