What do you need to know, when you are dating a Taurus woman? Before anything else, you should know that Taurus woman is a reliable partner. Most Taurus women don’t have many relationships, because they are not interested in adventures, what they want being a long-term, serious relationship. If she thinks that you are not compatible, she will immediately say goodbye to you. But, once she started a relationship, she will never betray your trust and she will support and motivate you as good as she can.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet named after the Roman goddess of love (equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite). So, there is no surprise that Taurus women are sensual. Instead of rushing about their day, they are capable of slowing down and enjoying the physical sensations around. They are comfortable in their own skin; they use perfume, enjoy a massage and go wine testing. And, of course, they like spending more time with their partner, receiving and also offering pleasure.

Being so sensual and passionate, she is also jealous. Taurus woman really thinks that there is no true love without jealousy. We saw that she is loyal and reliable, so that she also needs to be sure that her partner is committed to her. So, it is important to talk, from the very beginning of your relationship, about her fears and anxieties. Show her constant affection, be available and responsive and, in time, you will gain her trust.

Venus is also the goddess of beauty, governing not only love, but also arts, fashion and social life. Taurus women love beauty and arts, so it is a good idea to take her, on a date, at a fashion event, an art exhibition or a good concert (but, previous, find out what music she listen – you don’t want to take a classical music fan to an electro house festival).

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Taurus is an earth, materialistic zodiac sign. „To have“ is a key word for all Taurus, including Taurus women. For them, material possessions are really important. But it doesn’t mean that they are looking after rich men. No, they are capable of hard working and prefer to make their own money. But what they need is a partner who also understands the value of money and of financial stability. If the relationship evolves, it may be a good idea to let her make the family budget and to manage the finances.

Taurus women enjoy good food; know how to appreciate it and most of them also know how to cook it. You can impress her cooking. But, if you never walked into a kitchen, it is a better idea to find out a very good restaurant, having a famous chef, and to make a dinner reservation. Remember what Harriet Van Horne, a Taurus woman, said about food: „cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all“.

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Sometimes, the Taurus woman may be stubborn as a bull. So, you will probably need to improve your social and conversational skills. In the first place, it is important to frequently show that you value her opinions. Remember that it is not a good idea to directly tell her that she is wrong. You need to find common ground, then to present your own idea, staying calm and being able to negotiate and to compromise. Then, your will have a great relationship with the beautiful Taurus woman.