We present you the most famous Taurus celebrities in politics, cinema, music, sports and other areas. Taurus is the second astrological sign of the zodiac. The Sun transits this earthly, fixed sign from April 21st to May 20th each year. It is a sign ruled by Venus, planet associated with love, beauty and harmony, governing romantic relations, marriage, arts and fashion. Those born under this sign usually are down to earth, dependable, patient and generous.

Famous Taurus: Politics 

Oliver Cromwell, born 25 April 1599, English military and political leader, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland

Catherine the Great, born 2 May 1729, Empress of Russia

Maximilien de Robespierre, born 6 May 1758, one of the best known and most influential figures associated with the French Revolution

Ulysses S. Grant, born 27 April 1822, general and president of the United States

Philippe Petain, born 24 April 1856, French general officer, Marshal of France and Chief of State of Vichy France

Vladimir Lenin, born 22 April 1870, Russian communist revolutionary and political theorist, head of government of Soviet Russia and of the Soviet Union

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, born 19 May 1881, president and founder of the Republic of Turkey

Adolf Hitler, born 20 April 1889, Chancellor of Germany and Führer of Nazi Germany

Ho Chi Minh, born 19 May 1890, Vietnamese Communist revolutionary leader, Prime Minister and President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam

Iosip Broz Tito, born 7 May 1892, leader of communist Yugoslavia

Pol Pot, born 19 May 1925, Cambodian revolutionary, Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea

Elizabeth II, born 21 April 1926, Queen of the United Kingdom

Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, born 4 May 1928, President of Egypt

Saddam Hussein, born 28 April 1937, President of Iraq

Madeleine Albright, born 15 May 1937, American politician and diplomat, the first woman to have become the United States Secretary of State

Tony Blair, born 6 May 1953, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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Famous Taurus: Movie and Cinema

Jean Gabin, born 17 May 1904, French actor

Katharine Hepburn, born 12 May 1907, American actress

Shirley Temple, born 23 April 1928, American actress, singer and dancer

Audrey Hepburn, born 4 May 1929, British actress, model and dancer

Anouk Aimée, born 27 April 1932, French film actress

Jack Nicholson, born 22 April 1937, American actor and filmmaker

Al Pacino, born 25 April 1940, American actor and filmmaker

Barbara Streisand, born 24 April 1942, American singer, songwriter, actress and filmmaker

John Woo, born 1 May 1946, Chinese-born Hong Kong film director, writer and producer

Jessica Lange, born 20 April 1949, American actress

Pierce Brosnan, born 16 May 1953, Irish naturalized American actor and film producer

Jerry Seinfeld, born 29 April 1954, American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer and director

Michelle Pfeiffer, born 29 April 1958, American actress and producer

Lars von Trier, born 30 April 1956, Danish film director and screenwriter

George Clooney, born 6 May 1961, American actor, director, producer and screenwriter

Maia Morgenstern, born 1 May 1962, Romanian actress

Jet Li, born 26 April 1963, Chinese film actor, film producer, martial artist and retired Wushu champion

Renée Zellweger, born 25 April 1969, American actress and producer

• Cristian Mungiu, born 27 April 1968, Romanian filmmaker

Cate Blanchett, born 14 May 1969, Australian actress and theatre director

Uma Thurman, born 29 April 1970, American actress and model

Sofia Coppola, born 14 May 1971, American screenwriter, director, producer and actress

Carmen Electra, born 20 April 1972, American glamour model, actress, television personality, singer and dancer

Penelope Cruz, born 28 April 1974, Spanish actress and model

Channing Tatum, born 26 April 1980, American actor

Jessica Alba, born 28 April 1981, American actress

Kirsten Dunst, born 30 April 1982, American actress

Robert Pattinson, born 13 May 1986, English actor, producer, model and musician

Megan Fox, born 16 May 1986, American actress and model

Famous Taurus: Music

Fred Astaire, born 10 May 1899, American dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and television presenter

Ella Fitzgerald, born 25 April 1917, American jazz singer

Roy Orbison, born 23 April 1936, American singer and songwriter

Cher, born 20 May 1946, American singer and actress

Stevie Wonder, born 13 May 1950, American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist

George Strait, born 18 May 1952, American country music singer, songwriter, actor and music producer

Sid Vicious, born 10 May 1957, English bassist and vocalist

Robert Smith, born 21 April 1959, English singer and songwriter

Patrick Bruel, born 14 May 1959, French singer and actor

Bono, born 10 May 1960, Irish singer and songwriter

Enya, born 17 May 1961, Irish singer, songwriter, musician and producer

Janet Jackson, born 16 May 1966, American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress

Enrique Iglesias, born 8 May 1975, Spanish singer, songwriter, actor and record producer

Adele, born 5 May 1988, English singer and songwriter

Chris Brown, born 5 May 1989, American singer, songwriter and actor


Famous Taurus: Sport

Jack Parr, born 13 March 1936, American basketball player

Ion Țiriac, born 9 May 1939, Romanian tennis player, tennis coach and manager, ice hockey player and tennis tournament owner

Sadaharu Oh, born 20 May 1940, Japanese–Chinese baseball player and manager

Dale Earnhardt, born 29 April 1951, American stock car racing driver and team owner

Walter Zenga, born 28 April 1960, Italian footballer and manager

Dennis Rodman, born 13 May 1961, American basketball player

Alessandro Costacurta, born 24 April 1966, Italian footballer and manager

Diego Simeone, born 28 April 1970, Argentine football player and manager

Andre Agassi, born 29 April 1970, American tennis player

Gabriela Sabatini, born 16 May 1970, Argentine tennis player

David Beckham, born 2 May 1975, English footballer

Jonah Lomu, born 12 May 1975, New Zealand rugby union player

John Cena, born 23 April 1977, American wrestler

Andrea Pirlo, born 19 May 1979, Italian footballer

Patrice Evra, born 15 May 1981, Senegalese-born French footballer

Tony Parker, born 17 May 1982, French basketball player

Daniela Hantuchova, born 23 April 1983, Slovakian tennis player

Andres Iniesta, born 11 May 1984, Spanish footballer

Sarah Hughes, born 2 May 1985, American figure skater

Marshawn Lynch, born 22 April 1986, American football player

Cesc Fàbregas, born 4 May 1987, Spanish footballer

Andy Murray, born 15 May 1987, British tennis player

Juan Mata, born 28 April 1988, Spanish footballer

Raphaël Varane, born 25 April 1993, French footballer


Famous Taurus: Other

Niccolo Machiavelli, born 3 May 1469, Italian diplomat, politician, historian, philosopher, humanist and writer of the Renaissance period

William Shakespeare, born 26 April 1564, English poet, playwright and actor

Immanuel Kant, born 22 April 1724, German philosopher

Karl Marx, born 5 May 1818, German philosopher, economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist

Sigmund Freud, born 6 May 1856, Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis

Jiddu Krishnamurti, born 11 May 1895, Indian philosopher, speaker and writer

Salvador Dalí, born 11 May 1904, Spanish surrealist painter, photographer, writer and film producer

Pope John Paul II, born 18 May 1920, Pope of the Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City

Melania Trump, born 26 April 1970, First Lady of the United States

Mark Zuckerberg, born 14 May 1984, American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur

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