What do you need to know, when you are dating an Aries woman? Ruled by the mighty Mars, the Aries woman definitely doesn’t like shy guys. You need to be confident in order to impress her. Even if you’re a little bit scared (or if the fear makes you feel like running away), smile with all your heart, focus on the positive and enjoy the moment! If you want to ask her something, just do it! The straight line is the shortest distance between two points. A straight question is the shortest distance to a short answer.

Being self-confident doesn’t mean that you can always take initiative and treat her like she can’t decide for herself. On the contrary, from time to time, let her take initiative! Actually, she is one of the most inventive women you will ever know. She has so many ideas and she is determined to put them into practice. So, you will never get bored, dating or living with an Aries woman!

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The ideal date is an adventure. You can take her to a restaurant and eat some gourmet food, while listening to classical music. But, then (or, even better, before), you will need to do something wild. It can be something implying sport, even extreme sport. Go horseback riding, go to a live sports event or do something you both have never done before!

The Aries woman hates laziness and she’s always in good shape. She takes great care of her body, of her health and of her physical appearance. When dating her, you will also need to take care of yourself. Eat balanced and properly portioned meals and make it your goal to exercise with variety, for at least a total of one hour a day. Your body will be grateful for this!

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Aries woman is a passionate woman and needs a passionate man. And I’m not talking only about passion in your relationship (which, of course, is very important). I’m also talking about professional dedication and hard work, about having a sense of true purpose to your life. Fight for what you want, always follow your passion and share your enthusiasm with her! This is the type of man she needs.

Each of the twelfth Astrological Signs has its own life motto. For Aries, this is „I AM“. Most Aries women are bold, confident and know who they are and what they want. Don’t ever try to discourage her from doing anything! She wants your support and your cooperation, so remember what Ellen J. Barrier said: „On the left side of a strong woman stands a strong man; he is strengthened by her character“. Be that man!

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When dating an Aries woman, you should expect open and direct lines of communication, with little sugar-coating. You also have to be honest with her. An honest relationship means no secrets, no cheating, and no lies. Maybe body language and non-verbal communication is important, but it is always healthier to clearly express what you feel. Remember this, when dating an Aries woman!