On February, 15th, 2018, there is New Moon in Aquarius. The New Moon is the perfect time for new beginnings, because it happens when both the Sun and the Moon are aligned in the same zodiac sign, so that the energies of the two luminaries moving in the same direction help us to initiate projects, to make resolutions, to bring changes into our life.

Ruled by the unconventional and revolutionary Uranus, Aquarius is a progressive, original and independent sign. People born under this sign see the world as a place full of possibilities. They usually spend much time thinking about how things can be better, but the New Moon is the perfect time to look towards the future, for each of us, not only for the water-bearers.

new moon in aquarius february 2018

Each sun sign should respond to some questions, in order to understand how this New Moon in Aquarius can help and bring something new into his life:

Aries: Do you belong to a group? Is it motivating for you? Can you be a better team player?

Taurus: What changes are necessary to improve your professional life? How do you respond to change?

Gemini: Where do you see yourself this time next year? What would you have to do now to make it happen?

Cancer: Do you consider yourself a sensual person? What are your favourite sensual experiences?

Leo: How can you make your relationship more romantic?

Virgo: Are you satisfied with your looks? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?

Libra: What do you know about your inner child? Are you aware of your inner child’s feelings, needs and fears?

Scorpio: What makes you feel unsafe and insecure? Can you face your fears?

Sagittarius: How can you communicate better with your friends? What are your qualities, as a friend?

Capricorn: Are you too frugal? What do your friends think about your attitude towards money?

Aquarius: What kind of first impression do you make? How can you influence the way other people see you?

Pisces: Do you have a close relationship with God? Do you pray? Do you meditate?

The next New Moon will be on March 17th – a New Moon in Pisces (Sun conjunct Moon in Pisces).

Until then, on March 2nd, it will be a Full Moon in Virgo (Sun in Pisces opposite Moon in Virgo).

New Moon Calendar 2018