Between January 18th and February 10th, Venus transits Aquarius. This is the astrological sign ruled by the eccentric Uranus, planet of rebellion and surprises, promoting unconventional ways of thinking and acting. This means that many people will move towards unconventionality, in their romantic and social relationships.

Let’s see how each zodiac sign is influenced, when the planet of love and beauty transits Aquarius:

ARIES – it is possible to meet a romantic partner through group activities. Old friends or work mates see you in a different way, enjoy being with you and there are great chances to turn friendship into love.

venus in aquarius

TAURUS – you need to be admired for your beauty and charm. You make a very good impression at parties and other social events. Definitely, it is not a good idea to stay home!

GEMINI – you need to be intellectually stimulated by your partner. It is also the ideal time to travel abroad or at least to meet people with different cultural backgrounds.

CANCER – money may come easily to you, during this transit. At the same time, you want to revitalize love and passion with your partner. If he doesn’t react properly, you might have an affair, because you feel attracted to what is forbidden.

LEO – You don’t like being alone. Some say that Leo has the biggest ego in the zodiac, but now you really know how to make your partner feel appreciated and cared. Your communication skills are also at their highest level.

VIRGO – you are interested in learning arts and crafts. Painting, playing a musical instrument, gardening, decorating or making floral arrangements are activities that make you feel good. In relationships, you know how to serve your spouse.

LIBRA – you need romance in your life. There is romance in your relationship, but you also enjoy watching romantic movies and listening love music. Reading a romance novel is also a good idea, until February 10th.

SCORPIO – you enjoy staying at home. You prepare your home for visitors and you spend some quality time with them. Good relationships with family members, especially with your parents.

SAGITTARIUS – you express yourself beautifully. You always know what you’re talking about and you succeed to persuade people, especially when talking face to face. Talking becomes more important in your relationship.

CAPRICORN – you want to live a luxurious life, forgetting for a while that Capricorn is usually considered parsimonious. You appreciate the gifts received from your partner – especially when they are expensive.

AQUARIUS – you take care in your physical appearance and you are very attractive. Therefore, you get many compliments. You feel loved and appreciated and this offers you a sense of emotional security.

PISCES – you tend to hide your feelings from the people you like. You fantasize a lot about love and relationships, but these fantasies rather prevent you from having a real relationship. You must overcome shyness.

Venus, the bringer of peacemusic of the planets

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