Saturn enters Capricorn on December 20th, 2017 and stays in this sign until December 17th, 2020 (with a short interruption between March 22nd and July 2nd, 2020). In astrology, Saturn is associated with career, authority figures, stability and traditions. The planet also concerns a person’s sense of duty, discipline and responsibility. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so that his influence will be very strong, the next three years. This is how the planet will influence our career and finances, starting December 20th, 2017:

Saturn in Capricorn for Aries

On December 20th, 2017 Saturn enters Aries tenth house. The planet influences Aries’ career and public image, until the end of 2020. For Aries, building a successful career becomes the main task. Acquiring skills, rather than prestigious job titles, is one of the main keys for self-development in career.

Understanding the importance of a positive self-image and working to improve it is another „must“ for Aries, during these three years. They will put time and money into improving themselves, but the results will not come overnight. A real, effective boost for their career may come only at the end of Saturn’s transit through Capricorn or immediately after it. But the origins of this boost, of this development can be found in actions made between December 20th, 2017 and April 17th 2018.

saturn in capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn for Taurus

At the end of 2017, Saturn enters the ninth house and this will not have much impact on Taurus’ finances, because the 9th house is about quite different matters: long distance travels and journeys, foreign countries, higher education and knowledge. But, financially speaking, it is very important for Taurus that Saturn leaved the eight house, astrological house of joint funds and finances, of other person’s resource.

During the last three years, Taurus men and women had to work hard for their money. Certainly, this wasn’t the proper time for gambling or for expecting inheritances. Now, things change and they change for the better. With Saturn removed from there, Taurus learn how to build wealth using other people’s money. Remember that rich people aren’t afraid to fund their future from other people’s pockets and find your way to do it!


Saturn in Capricorn for Gemini

Eleven days before the New Year, just before Christmas, Saturn enters Gemini’s eight house. The eighth astrological house symbolizes transformations through growth and change and is also considered the house of shared financial resources. Here, Saturn affects any kind of financial support from another, like inheritances, alimony or even the gifts we receive. Taxes and insurances may also become important issues.

At the beginning of the transit, Saturn’s influences are not well received, because it is the planet of limitations and lessons, associated with restriction. With this transit beginning just before the holydays, Saturn probably required you to celebrate Christmas and New Year on budget, spending less on presents and cutting out unnecessary items, when shopping. And this is also valuable for the first months of 2018. Then, during this transit (until 2020!) things will improve, Saturn helping Gemini to get their finances in order. But slowly, step by step…


Saturn in Capricorn for Cancer

Saturn leaving the 6th house, at the end of 2017, represents good news for those born under the sign of Cancer, in terms of job and career. All kind of work difficulties they had to encounter during the last three years (bad communication with colleagues, loosing temper at work, misunderstanding and disagreement) just disappear. And the good news is that they will not reappear, during 2018.

Until now, in the last nearly three years, Saturn helped them to solve their problems at work, but this planet was a tough teacher, requiring them to work hard, to face their fears and to discover their weaknesses. But it was for Cancer’s own good and they will be able to understand it, starting from 2018. Cancer employees will certainly improve their performance and productivity at work and we can say the same thing about work relationships: they will work much better than before.


Saturn in Capricorn for Leo

At the end of 2017, Saturn enters the sixth house and – at least at the beginning, in the first months of this transit – this is not good news for Leos. They will face difficulties at their workplace and they will need some months to understand what is happening and how to overcome these difficulties.

Some of them will feel overwhelmed with work. Others will realize that the job they have is not the one they wanted and they cannot give their best. Maybe some difficult co-workers or a horrible boss will abuse or will undermine them. Each Leo will face a specific problem, hard to handle. But overcoming this specific problem will bring them a feeling of relief and will help them to get ahead in their career.


Saturn in Capricorn for Virgo

On December 20th, Saturn enters Virgo’s fifth house. The major task for the next three years is to develop creativity at work. It will not be easy, especially because Virgos are recognized and appreciated especially for their seriousness and meticulousness, not for originality. Their practical approach is one of Virgo’s biggest strength, but now they will also have to unleash creativity.

Throw out the rule book and write down absolutely everything! No idea is too small; anything can potentially have value to your business. So, get it all down on paper! Especially at the beginning of this transit, it is a good idea to have some inspirational rituals and to try to create something new every day, even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes.


Saturn in Capricorn for Libra

With Saturn entering the fourth house, you need to re-organize your home, but also your work space. At the beginning of this transit, you understand that the general condition of your living environment affects your personal productivity and you act in consequence. The first step is, of course, to purge your office.

Every major change starts with a purge, so grab a trash barrel and recycling bin and start purging! Place things that need to be kept in a box or a corner of your office. Take out unnecessary furniture, files, and group items according to their differently useful categories. Then, maybe it is a good idea to segment your work zones and to develop a filing system. Then, you’ll have to clean your desktop and to organize documents in your computer. Then it comes the most important part – transform organizing your office into a routine: organize yourself, update paperwork regularly, organize your office weekly and remember: good things happen when you purge and clean.


Saturn in Capricorn for Scorpio

With Saturn entering the third house, the astrological house of communication, of lower education, short trips and immediate environment, Scorpio will have to rethink his relationship with his environment: how he communicates, where he goes, what he knows and what he must learn in the future.

But the great news is that Saturn leaves the second house and there is no more pressure on Scorpio’s finances. From now on, it will be easier to make money and Scorpio employees will be rewarded for all the efforts they had made during the last three years. The recognition they receive for their work encourages engagement and also encourages them to have even better individual performances.


Saturn in Capricorn for Sagittarius

At the end of 2017, Saturn enters the second house, astrological house of work, money and possessions. With the planet of restrictions and limitations entering the second house, things may get complicated with money, for Sagittarius.

Financial success may not be remarkable, during the next three years, because Saturn wants you to work harder and to rethink your financial situation. Last year, we talked about Pharaoh’s dream from the Bible, interpreted by Joseph and offering good advices, preparing Sagittarius for what will come, with Saturn in the second house. The beginning of this long-term transit is the most difficult period of time, because you may feel financial insecure. It is important not to panic, but to start taking real measures, to create a long-term financial plan that creates stability in your life.


Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorn

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so that, on December 20th 2017, this planet comes home, after more than twenty five years spent transiting the other 11 astrological signs. Saturn entered Capricorn’s first house and will help those born under this sign to become more realistic. They feel more mature and they can take on more responsibility. They are careful and fair in their judgments, so that they will be considered a lot more realistic than if they make quick or rash decisions without any deliberate consideration.

Psychologist Nicole Martinez suggests: „Develop an organizational system to make sure that you are one top of your schedule, your goals, and your tasks that are due. Make sure that you are also tracking personal plans and obligations in the same manner, so that you never miss anything, and so you follow through on your word and promises“.


Saturn in Capricorn for Aquarius

The twelfth astrological house is, above all else, the house of subconscious and what Aquarius need to do during this transit is to cleanse their subconscious of fears, bad memories and beliefs. This is not easy – actually, this one of the most complicated Saturn transits. Now, you face your own demons, dealing with the repressed or unconscious aspects of your personality. Your fears, insecurities, doubts or negative beliefs are the source of suffering.

In order to achieve what you want, you need to break through those demons. In order to do this, you’ll need some time on your own. Twelfth house is also the astrological house of privacy and retreat. During the next period of time, Aquarius men and women will not be the best team workers. Actually, it is better for them to work on their own, to develop personal projects.


Saturn in Capricorn for Pisces

The most important news for 2018 comes with 11 days before the beginning of this year. In the last three years, Saturn in the house of career and social status made Pisces feel vulnerable and insecure about their professional life. Facing many difficulties and delays, they had to constantly focus on building a strong foundation for their career success. On December 20th, 2017, Saturn leaved the tenth house, so that Pisces employees and entrepreneurs start to feel more secure.

They learned their lessons in the last three years, now they know what are their strengths and weaknesses; they have serious long-term projects and know how to fulfil them. After three years of working hard and smart, the end of this transit brings plenty of rewards for Pisces’ efforts, like job promotions or raises. It’s harvest time!

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