This is the 2018 Pisces horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. There is good news for Pisces. First, Saturn just leaved their tenth house, at the end of December 2017, so that they will be rewarded for previous efforts. Secondly, on November 8th, 2018, Jupiter starts transiting the same astrological house of career and there are great chances to obtain a raise or to get promoted.

December 20th, 2017: Saturn Leaves the Tenth House – Rewarded for Previous Efforts

The most important news for 2018 came with 11 days before the beginning of this year. In the last three years, Saturn in the house of career and social status made Pisces feel vulnerable and insecure about their professional life. Facing many difficulties and delays, they had to constantly focus on building a strong foundation for their career success. On December 20th, 2017, Saturn leaved the tenth house, so that Pisces employees and entrepreneurs start to feel more secure. They learned their lessons in the last three years, now they know what are their strengths and weaknesses; they have serious long-term projects and know how to fulfil them. After three years of working hard and smart, the end of this transit brings plenty of rewards for Pisces’ efforts, like job promotions or raises. It’s harvest time!

pisces 2018 horoscope

March 6th-March 31st: Venus in the Second House – Shopping is Relaxing

When the planet of love and beauty is transiting the second house, financial security becomes very important to Pisces men and women.  But they also like to invest in their health and in their beauty. So, they’ll find some ways to make economy and to develop financial stability. But, after working for money, Pisces will indulge themselves at the spa and they will also buy some nice clothes – shopping is excellent for relaxing. Relationships with people having money-related jobs (like loan officers, real estate officers or accountants) will also improve. Right now, between March 6th and March 31st 2018, it is the best time to call your bank.

May 15th, 2018: Uranus Leaves the Second House – Better Organized at Work

During the last seven years, Uranus transited Pisces’ second house – astrological house of work, personal finances and possessions. Pisces were inclined to take a few more risks with their finances, obtaining mixed results; sometimes they won large amounts of money, but sometimes they lost. Another tendency during this transit was to find some unusual ways of making money. There are a lot of crazy ideas around the world and some of them were, if not invented at least put to work by Pisces influenced by Uranus. Some mediums, for example, earn money communicating not with dead relatives, but with dead pets. Other people are paid to wear promotional T shirts. Well, when Uranus leaves Pisces’ second house, they forget about these strange ideas and they are interested in more traditional ways to earn money. They will also be more serious and better organized at work.

July 26th-August 19th: Mercury Retrograde in the Sixth House – Difficult Colleagues, Critical Boss

pisces 2018 careerIn the middle of the summer, with Mercury moving backward in the sixth house, there are many critical and negative people around you, especially at work. Most Pisces employees will have to deal with an overly critical boss or with difficult colleagues. That means a lot of stress, especially when you have to deal with unfair criticism. In such situations, you must let your boss know his criticisms have affected you, but don’t counter-criticize and don’t start an open conflict! That will not help –at least, not during Mercury’s backward movement. Retrograde Mercury also affects your physical work capacity, so that you may feel tired more often than usual. So, maybe the most idea for the summer is to take a vacation and forget about work, these three weeks.

August 19th-September 6th: Mercury Direct in the Sixth House – Productive and Efficient

If you made some mistakes between July 26th and August 19th (when Mercury was moving backward through your house of jobs, employments, routine tasks and duties), now it is a good time to fix them. With Mercury, planet of intellect, flexibility and communication in transit through their sixth house, Pisces employees become more productive and efficient. During these three weeks, they can deal with work projects and tasks much easier than before, because their mind is focused on work. They become very detail-oriented and have a great memory, remembering incredibly random details that nobody else does. They make a habit of proofreading and revising their work several times over, so that almost all possibility of error is eliminated. This is good news especially for Pisces having with jobs that require performing routine or repetitive tasks.

November 8th – December 31st: Jupiter in the Tenth House – Getting a Promotion  

This year already brought excellent news for Pisces career, when Saturn leaved their tenth astrological house. During the last two months of 2018, there is a second one: Jupiter – the most important benefic planet – enters the astrological house of career and social status. This is a good time to go ask for a raise or to get a promotion. If you do not obtain a new and better position within the same company, maybe you have to find a new and better job, where you will be more appreciated. Jupiter will support you to find a new job. Just focus on your strengths, think about things you’re good at, customise your CV for each recruiter you meet and go for it! Authority figures and influential people (parents, bosses, mentors, teachers or spiritual gurus) have a kindly attitude toward you, during this transit, which continues until December 2019. So, more about it, next year!