This is the 2018 Sagittarius horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. With Saturn transiting the second house, things may get complicated with money, especially at the beginning of this long-term transit. But there is also good news. For example, Mars in the second house helps Sagittarius to take the initiative more often at work, while Venus in the tenth house makes them more charming in public.

December 20th, 2017: Saturn entering the second house – Financial Insecurity

At the end of 2017, Saturn entered the second house, astrological house of work, money and possessions. With the planet of restrictions and limitations entering the second house, things may get complicated with money, for Sagittarius. Financial success may not be remarkable, during the next three years, because Saturn wants you to work harder and to rethink your financial situation. Last year, we talked about Pharaoh’s dream from the Bible, interpreted by Joseph and offering good advices, preparing Sagittarius for what will come, with Saturn in the second house. The beginning of this long-term transit is the most difficult period of time, because you may feel financial insecure. It is important not to panic, but to start taking real measures, to create a long-term financial plan that creates stability in your life.

2018 sagittarius horoscope

March 17th-May 16th: Mars in Capricorn and the second house – Take the Initiative

The planet of strength in the house of work, value, acquisitions and money gives Sagittarius extra courage at work. You can take action to improve your finances and personal worth, for example you can ask for a raise in pay. You take the initiative more often at work, you ask questions, you suggest better ways and you stand up for your convictions and points of view. And another hard thing to do: now, you have the courage to say no. This is very important especially for Sagittarius managers and bosses, when they receive a request which doesn’t fit with their goals and objectives. It is not difficult to say it and, if you do it correctly, you’ll not hurt anyone. Here are some ways to say it politely: „ I’m not really into, but thanks for asking!“, „ I’m sorry I don’t have time to…“ or „I appreciate you asking me for help but…“.

April 17th-September 6th: Saturn retrograde in the second house – Hard Work

This is the most difficult and the most risky period of time for Sagittarius’ finances, in 2018. From April 17th until September 6th, try to not make any major decisions or changes that affect finances! This is not a good time to sign a contract (be aware of the risks!), to ask for a raise (because there are little chances to get it), to make major investments or to buy expensive things. Leave it to the later time! Instead, Saturn retrograde in the second house insists that you should develop an ability to build up your personal resources through hard work. On the other hand, the good side of this planetary transit is that Saturn can help you learn how to start saving money. Guided by Saturn, those born under the sign of Sagittarius will avoid accumulating new debt, will reduce expenses and will avoid expensive addictions. The next step is to invest money intelligently and this is a good time to start it.

Uranus direct in Taurus (6th house): Starting May 15th, 2018 (until April 26th, 2026) – Change Your Daily Routine

For the next eight years, Uranus transits Taurus (with only two short interruptions: November 6th 2018-March 6th 2019 and July 7th 2025-November 8th 2025). Uranus is a revolutionary planet and during its transit through the sixth house you will need to make changes to your daily routine. Your attitude about your work changes and your responsibilities also change. Some Sagittarius will change job, they will start working freelance or in some unusual work environment. It becomes very important for them to have a lot of freedom at their job, to follow their own schedule, tending to answer to their own internal rhythms rather than to an official schedule, imposed by a company or a by a boss. Their relationships with employers, bosses and any other authority figures need to be re-evaluated. For example, Sagittarius cannot anymore accept having a bad boss, they fight for their employment rights and they speak up, expressing themselves without fear.

June 12th-June 29th: Mercury transits the eighth house – Successful in Business

With Mercury, planet of communication, thinking and learning, transiting the eighth house, astrological house of finances and other person’s resource, Sagittarius gain the ability to use other’s capital to make money. In June 2018, they should try their luck in business. Sagittarius’ learning abilities are higher during this transit, so that Archer entrepreneurs take time to learn and to gain a complete understanding of their business: the competitive environment, the best way to sell their products or services, legal matters, contracts, leases, insurances, how to make employees feel appreciated. Being so well-informed, Sagittarius may become a successful businessman faster than everyone expected.

July 10th-August 6th: Venus in the tenth house – Employee of the Month

During these four weeks, with Venus transiting the tenth house, astrological house of career and of social status, Sagittarius men and women are more charming in public and attract more people to them. They feel appreciated at work, having their merits recognized by co-workers and even by the worst bosses. For Sagittarius searching for a job, this is a good time to go to job interviews. They will show up in the best possible shape and they will also know how to dress, making a professional impression. Venus will also help them to be relaxed and positive, showing enthusiasm at the interview and then at work. So, people will view them in a more positive light, which will open them up to more and better opportunities.

August 13th-August 27th: Mars retrograde in the second house – Avoid Impulsive Spending

sagittarius 2018 money horoscopeMars retrograde in the second house brings the risk of some impulsive spending habits. There are many tricks supermarkets (and not only supermarkets) use to make you spend more money and this is a time when you need to become conscious of them. Both electronics retailers and grocery stores resort to comparative pricing to make consumers think they’re getting a better deal than they actually are. Choosing the cheaper item doesn’t mean that you save money. Actually, you’re just paying the normal market price. Paco Underhill, author of What Women Want: The Science of Female Shopping, reveal another trick: „When you walk in the door, you smell bread baking or rotisserie chicken roasting in the deli area because we know those smells get your salivary glands working. When you’re salivating, you’re a much less disciplined shopper“. So, avoid these tricks and shopping smarter is what you need to do, in August 2018.

August 27th-September 11th: Mars again direct in the second house

This is the same astral influence as between March 17th and May 16th. You take the initiative more often at work and you have the courage to say no, which is one of the most important qualities of a businessman.

Starting September 6th: Saturn again direct in the second house

During Saturn’s retrograde motion, we said that the next step for Sagittarius is to invest money wisely. Well, this is the best time to do it. We already described above how Saturn in the second house influences you. Now, in the last four months of 2018, we already understood some of Saturn’s lessons and our financial situation is better than at the beginning of the year. The next two years of this transit will help us to maintain a real financial stability.