This is the 2018 Libra horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. With Jupiter in the house of money almost all year long (until November 8th), there is great news for Libra finances. Uranus entering the eighth house on May 15th brings some financial stability risks, but you can handle it.

January 1st-March 8th: Jupiter in Scorpio and second house – Good News for Your Finances

Jupiter transiting the second house brings very good news for Libra’s finances. People born under this sign have the best chance to obtain a raise, during this transit. And this is because they really deserve it. From October the previous year, Jupiter started to offer his support to the Libras that really tried to be successful workers. Those who forgot about sleeping until afternoon, about taking long breaks and finding excuses are now fully rewarded. And the raise is not the only good thing happening to them, during these two months and a week. They also become experts in finding and recognizing good opportunities to make more money, to increase their financial status. They understand what services or products are needed in their location and they put themselves to work, providing this product or service and earning more money. Jupiter in the house of work and money assures Libras that the timing will be just right.

2018 libra horoscope

March 8th-July 10th: Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio and second house – Avoid Overspending                                                                                                                         

We have already seen that Jupiter in Scorpio brings prosperity, for Libras. There is only one risk, when you start making a lot of money: you are inclined to spend a lot, as well. If you can control yourself from buying things you really don’t need, 2018 will be a great year, financially speaking! The greatest risk of overspending is between March 8th and July 10th, when Jupiter moves backward. So, don’t go to stores without a shopping list, don’t buy things just because they are on sale! Make price comparisons before buying expensive things and get used to deliberate and to wait before buying! Those tips will help you to survive to Jupiter retrograde in the second house. On the other hand, this position is the proper time to find out ways to make yourself even better at your job. Analyse your work style and you will surely discover that there is place for improvement.

Starting May 15th: Uranus direct in the eighth house – Fluctuating Income

With the revolutionary and unpredictable Uranus entering the eighth house (and staying there for the next eight years), there will be some periods of time with surprise expenses and maybe more Libras than before will also have to budget with an irregular or fluctuating income. There are some things you can do, to make things better. From the beginning, you have to know what your monthly discretionary expenses are. Then, you need to understand that an emergency found is necessary. Without money set aside to smooth the cashless weeks, you run the risk of running up debt. So, consider socking away a certain percentage of your pay check each week or month. But there is also good news from Uranus in the eighth house: as it can bring surprise expenses, it will also bring unexpected income. From time to time, there will be such pleasant surprises for you.

June 18th-November 24th: Neptune retrograde in the sixth house – Daydreaming Affects Productivity

With Neptune moving backward in their sixth house, it is difficult for those born under the sign of Libra to control their mind and thoughts, especially when they are at work. There is a persistent tendency to daydreaming, so that productivity is affected. Absenteeism and lack of discipline are other two possible problems for Libra, between June 18th and November 24th. Considering these problems, increasing focus and attention is a must. There are many meditation and concentration techniques that can help you a lot – you only have to choose the one most convenient to you: It can be chakra meditations, Zen meditation, Vipassana, Mantra meditation or anything else. Just be careful and don’t transform meditation into another kind of day-dreaming!

July 10th-November 8th: Jupiter in Scorpio and second house

For almost four months, Jupiter is again direct in Scorpio, as it was also was at the beginning of this year. So, there is great news for Libra’s finances. There will be raises and good sales, for all who deserve it.

September 9th-October 6th: Venus in the second house – Financial Stability

libra money 2018Between September 9th and October 6th 2018, Venus transits Libra’s second house, the astrological house of money, belongings, property and acquisitions. During this transit, you could meet someone through dealing with money (like at a store or bank) or who works with money (like an accountant, a financial analyst, a banker or a real estate agent). Financial security is more important for you than before and you want your partner to make you feel comfortable.

October 6th-October 31st: Venus retrograde in second house – Spending a Lot

With Venus retrograde in the second house, those born under the sign of Libra need to have physical objects around them that make them feel good. So, there is a risk for Libras to spend a lot of money. If you cannot stop spending, at least try to spend smarter! And remember than spending smarter doesn’t mean buying cheap things. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option. For example, it is actually cheaper to pay 120 pounds for an outfit that will be in good shape a whole year than 45 pounds for an outfit that has to be replaced after one single month. And this is also valuable for a lot of other things than clothes, from batteries or pet food to toilet paper. I’m sure you prefer it strong and soft.

December 2nd-January 7th, 2019: Venus Direct in Second House

If you did some mistakes when Venus was moving backward, this is the best time to fix them. It is not necessary to buy yourself too many things, because you will get a lot of presents for Christmas. And also remember to prefer quality over quantity!