This is the 2018 Leo horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. With Saturn in the sixth house, Leo employees will face some difficulties, maybe with colleagues, maybe with the boss. Then, Uranus in Taurus invites Leo to unleash his creativity and to be more original at work.

January 1st-April 17th: Saturn in 6th house – Dealing with Problems

At the end of the last year, Saturn entered the sixth house and – at least at the beginning, in the first months of this transit – this is not good news for Leos. They will face difficulties at their workplace and they will need some months to understand what is happening and how to overcome these difficulties. Some of them will feel overwhelmed with work. Others will realize that the job they have is not the one they wanted and they cannot give their best. Maybe some difficult co-workers or a horrible boss will abuse or will undermine them. Each Leo will face a specific problem, hard to handle. But overcoming this specific problem will bring them a feeling of relief and will help them to get ahead in their career.

2018 Leo Horoscope

Mars 17th-May 16th and August 13th-September 11th: Mars in Sixth House: – Productivity Enhanced

With the powerful and energetic Mars transiting their sixth house (astrological house of jobs and employments), Leo employees have more energy than ever, at work. Their productivity is enhanced and they succeed to accomplish all their tasks, every day. They are always in control off their time, don’t get distracted and stay mentally alert. Having much energy at their disposal, Leos should get regular exercise, so that they can channel excess energy constructively and knowing that physical activity also improves emotional and mental health. So, aside from the good results obtained at work, these three months (two in spring and one at the end of the summer) are great for building a work-out routine or for starting your own amateur sports team.

April 17th-September 6th: Saturn Retrograde in Sixth House – Conflicts with Co-workers

With retrograde Saturn transiting the sixth house, you are a hard worker, but it is difficult for you to build good work relationships. Misunderstandings and conflicts may appear with you colleagues, caused by competing goals or by disagreement about strategy and about execution for achieving team goals. It will be difficult for you to avoid any conflict, but you can learn how to use conflict to your advantage, at work. The American president Ronald Reagan was right, when he said that „peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means“. And he is the president who ended the Cold War! Conflict can also be an important source of energy and innovation, because it forces you to handle problems and to try something new.

Starting May, 15th, 2018 (until April 26th, 2026): Uranus in Taurus – Creativty Enhanced 

leo 2018 money horoscopeDuring the last 7 years, Uranus in Aries invited Leos to travel abroad, to learn a foreign language, to expand horizons. They were many times out of the comfort zone but, on the other hand, it helped them to build confidence. Starting May 15th 2018 and for the next 8 years, Uranus transits the tenth house. It’s time to be more creative, to have original ideas at work. Try being spontaneous and purposefully participating in activities you normally wouldn’t do. Be willing to take risks and to experience failure. So, you will unleash your creativity- it shouldn’t be so difficult for a Leo – the most dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert of all the zodiac signs.

September 9th: New Moon in the Second House (Sun conjunct Moon in Virgo) – Big Investment

With the New Moon in the second house (astrological house of possessions and money), it is the right time to buy some valuable things, to make some big investments. If you’re going to buy a house or a car in 2018, the best option is to wait until September and to take possession of it right now, in the two weeks between September New Moon (September 9th) and Full Moon (September 25th). And this is valuable not only for big investments – now, you can shop smarter than in the rest of the year. You will not let the seller or the shop to seduce you and you will certainly choose quality over quantity.

September 6th-December 31st: Saturn direct in the sixth house – Solving Problems

For the second time this year, Saturn transits the sixth house. There are some problems at work, but not as bad as between April and September, when Saturn was retrograde. Now, Leos already understood what changes they need to do, professionally, and they start working to implement these changes. In his not very pleasant style, Saturn already resolved some problems at work.