This is the 2018 Cancer horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. Maybe the most important news came at the end of last year: Saturn leaved the astrological house of jobs and employments, Cancers solved their problems at work and will improve their performance and productivity.

From December 20th last year: Saturn Leaving the Sixth House – Feel Better at Work

Saturn leaving the 6th house, at the end of 2017, represented good news for those born under the sign of Cancer, in terms of job and career. All kind of work difficulties they had to encounter during the last three years (bad communication with colleagues, loosing temper at work, misunderstanding and disagreement) just disappear. And the good news is that they will not reappear, during 2018.  Until now, in the last nearly three years, Saturn helped them to solve their problems at work, but this planet was a tough teacher, requiring them to work hard, to face their fears and to discover their weaknesses. But it was for Cancer’s own good and they will be able to understand it, starting from 2018. Cancer employees will certainly improve their performance and productivity at work and we can say the same thing about work relationships: they will work much better than before.

cancer horoscope 2018

Starting May 15th, 2018 (until April 26th, 2026): Uranus leaving Aries and the tenth house – professional development

This is also a great change, after a long-term transit. Uranus was in Cancer’s tenth house between March 2011 and April 2018. During this period of seven years and one month, Cancer employees or entrepreneurs refused to identify themselves with their career, they didn’t want to be defined by their job. Like everyone else’s, their job consumed at least one-third of their day, but Cancers considered that what really defines them is what they do in the other part of the day (and we don’t speak about sleeping). From now on, with Uranus entering the eleventh house, professional status and development become more important to Cancer. They show more commitment at their job, they are punctual, they respect workplace property and policies, and they even respect office rules regarding such things as dress code or personal phone use. Indeed, a great change, compared with the last seven years!

June 13th-July 10th: Venus in the Second House – Invest in Your Beauty

When Venus transits the second house, financial security becomes very important to you.  But you also like to invest in your health and in your beauty. So, you’ll find some ways to make economy and to develop financial stability. But, after working for money, you will indulge yourself at the spa and you will also buy some nice clothes. A lot of nice clothes. And also accessories and jewellery. Relationships with people having money-related jobs (like loan officers, real estate officers or accountants) will also improve. Maybe now is the best time to call your bank.

July 26th-August 19th: Mercury Retrogrades in the Second House – Be Careful with Your Money!  

cancer 2018 money horoscopeIf you are a Cancer, be careful with your money! Stop buying stuff you don’t need, avoid impulse purchases and don’t let yourself fooled by marketing! Otherwise, you’ll spend in three weeks more than in the precedent two months. In order to take care of your money, you can use the 24 hour rule, which helps you avoid purchasing expensive or unnecessary items on impulse. How does it work? Well, you have to think over each nonessential purchase for at least 24 hours. This is easy to do while shopping online, because you can add items to your wish list and come back to them a day later. But you also can apply it when you are in a store. If after 24 hours you will decide that you really need to buy, you will find time to come back and take it.

August 11th: New Moon in the Second House (Sun conjunct Moon in Leo) –  How to Increase Your Income 

With the New Moon in the second house, financial issues come into focus. This is the best time to discover how to increase your income. Go to your boss and ask for a raise! If he is blind and cannot appreciate you, maybe you need a second job for extra cash. Negotiate with your new employer to receive the best possible pay for the job that you will be doing. Or you can start a small business, beginning with something you like and already know how to do it: you can be interior decorator, wedding planner, you can sale used books or you can be a ghost writer – the possibilities are endless, these were just some things matching the qualities of your zodiac sign. Important is to do something – anything! – that will bring you more money.

September 11th-November 15th: Mars in the eighth house – Is There Someone to rely on?                                                                                                   

Mars, god of war and planet of energy and strength, transits the eighth house – astrological house of joint funds, finances and of other person’s resource. You have great investments ideas (or, at least, you think so), but you don’t have the money to invest, to follow these ideas. So that you have to find some financial support. Some Cancers will convince their parents, spouses, business partners or friends to invest in their projects, but others will not find the desired support, but only quarrels and disagreements. On the other hand, during Mars’ transit through the eighth house, some Cancer men and women will be no more satisfied with their jobs and they will be looking for a new one. For them, it is important to ask for advice and to find some people to support them at work. Cancer men and women need to know there is someone to rely on, when they are facing challenges at their job.