This week, Pluto turns direct in Capricorn. In astrology, this planet, ruler of Aries and Scorpio, also called „the great renewer“, is associated with power and magnetism, governing wealth, occultism and inner transformation. The last five months (between April 20th and September 28th), Pluto retrograde invited each of us to descend in our personal underworld. We had to confront our fears, because they will never just go away, if we ignore them. Now, is time to find out how this experience helped us.

Saturday, Mercury enters Libra and this is the proper time for diplomacy, in all kind of relationships: intimate relationships, business relationships and even in international relations between states or organisations. It is also a good time to discover what kind of artistic skills you have and to develop them.

Weekly Horoscope September 25th October 1st

Weekly Horoscope for Each Sign                 

Monday, September 25th: Mercury in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius

Tuesday, September 26th: Moon in Sagittarius square Mars in Virgo

Wednesday, September 27th: Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries

Thursday, September 28th: Pluto turns direct in Capricorn

Friday, September 29th: Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces

Saturday, September 30th: Mercury enters Libra

Sunday, October 1st: Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn

Aries – What Goes Around Comes Around

Aries becomes aware of how his actions impact others – especially the loved ones. In astrology, Aries is considered highly egotistical and self-centred, the motto of this zodiac sign being „I am“. Now, with Pluto transiting the 10th house, is time for those born under this sign to understand that the way they choose to be and to do different things also influences other peoples’ lives. For example, if they are cruel or unkind to a close relative, that person will be either sad or will also be unkind to them. Instead, a smile or a compliment will make everybody happy and friendly. Imagine what can do a real help offered to someone, if a smile have this power! So, think about the people in your life, the relationships that you have and remember: what goes around comes around!

Quote of the week for Aries: „Sometimes, if you want to change a man’s mind, you have to change the mind of the man next to him first“ (Megan Whalen Turner)

Taurus – Out of Your Comfort Zone

Usually, no other sign is more stuck in his comfort zone than Taurus. He is much attached to his opinions and belief system and also suspicious of new ideas. But, with Pluto transiting the 9th house, even for those born under this sign will become easier to step out of the comfort zone. That’s because Pluto remembers them how to enjoy the unknown – it’s about butterflies in the stomach and the moment when you feel excited about not knowing what is going to happen next. So, Taurus becomes opener to new ideas and to new experiences: try new foods, listen another kind of music than usually, visit some places where you always wanted to go, but you never did!

Quote of the week for Taurus: „We have to be honest about what we want and take risks rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.” (Roy T. Bennett)

Gemini – Identifying Bad Money Habits

In the last few months, Pluto retrograde helped Gemini men and women to become aware of their bad money habits. Some of them use to make late payments against their credit card bills or utility bills, others spend more than what they earn, others let their spouse handle all money decisions. Well, after identifying these bad habits, Gemini have to break them. For example, they could start monitoring their spending habit, separating all the expenses into two categories: need bases and want bases. Cutting what it is not on the need bases categories is the first step to get spending under control and to build a better budget.

Quote of the week for Gemini: „I love money. I love everything about it. I bought some pretty good stuff. Got me a $300 pair of socks. Got a fur sink. An electric dog polisher. A gasoline powered turtleneck sweater. And, of course, I bought some dumb stuff, too“ (Steve Martin)

Cancer – Give Love another Chance

For those born under the sign of Cancer, Pluto retrograde revealed all sorts of relational problems. Some of them discovered a lack of communication about important matters, in their relationship. Or a lack of responsibility regarding finances or children. Or they may have become aware that they have unrealistic expectations from their partner. Starting September 28th, with Pluto again in direct motion, they have to solve these relational problems. In some cases, it only takes a little more attention and responsibility. For others, couples therapy may be needed. What is important is to give love another chance: this is a good time to overcome any relationship problems.

Quote of the week for Cancer: „The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference“ ( Elie Wiesel)

Leo – Healthy Habits

It is a good time for those born under the sign of Leo to change their daily routines. The most important thing is to quit unhealthy habits, like little or no sleep, smoking, drinking or eating too much or eating in front of TV. Instead, you can introduce in your life some healthy habits that will help you feel better. Many specialists can tell you how beneficial can be for your body to exercise 30 minutes a day. Outdoor activity is better than workout in a gym. Drinking two litters of water every day help you avoid fatigue, headaches and anxiety. So – nothing new or spectacular – you already know all these things, but knowing is not enough: start doing something for yourself and for your health!

Quote of the week for Leo: „If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with“ (Deepak Chopra)

Virgo – Intense Emotions and Strong Feelings

Intense emotions and strong feelings appear in Virgo’s life, starting September 28th. Pluto in the fifth astrological house announces intense and passionate relationships and love affairs. You and your partner will try something new, will engage in thrilling activities and adventure experiences. You can recreate your first date, you can make love in an exciting location, you can go together somewhere you always wanted to go, but you never did. Let your imagination go wild, tell your partner to use his/her creativity and you will be amazed!

Quote of the week for Virgo: „I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them“ (Oscar Wilde)

Libra – Emotional Security

Emotional security is the most important thing for Libra, during this week. Libra must know and feel that his/her partner accepts and trusts him/her and that there are no threats to his/her relationship. There are some signs showing if you don’t feel emotionally safe in your relationship: maybe you’re feeling all alone, or you have no love life, or you’re keeping to many secrets from your partner. If this is your case, you must speak freely with your partner and try to find together a solution. If, on the contrary, you analyse your relationship and you concede that you already have emotional security, celebrate it together! Go out to dinner or organize a week-end trip together! You certainly deserve it!

Quote of the week for Libra: „I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past“ (Virginia Woolf)

Scorpio – Learning and Traveling, Learning from Traveling

Learning and traveling become essential for Scorpio, during this week. Or, for the happy ones, learning from traveling – traveling pushes you out of your comfort zone and allow you see and experiment new places, new people, new foods, new ways of life. Traveling also makes you build confidence and become a more interesting person. So, dear Scorpio, go traveling (at least in the next week-end, if you cannot go for the entire week)! Of course, for those who really cannot leave their city, it is also possible to learn a lot of new things at home, even sitting in front of your computer. For example, there are hundred good websites that help you to learn new things every day. Search them and use them!

Quote of the week for Scorpio: „Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller“ (Ibn Battuta)

Sagittarius – All about the Money

Sagittarius has to break his bad spending habits, starting October 27th. Probably h already identified these habits, when Pluto was retrograde (between April 20th and September 28th) – maybe it is about emotional spending, or about not being capable to save money or about wasting time. All these have to be changed into saving habits, like making a list before going shopping or setting saving goals. So, thanks to Pluto, starting this Thursday is all about the money. Take care of them as best as you can!

Quote of the week for Sagittarius: „Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shuts down for ten years“ (Warren Buffett)

Capricorn – Do it for yourself!

Capricorn needs to be more independent – Pluto wants him/her to become emotionally independent, financially independent, independence in any possible form. The key is to be self-motivated – when you want to achieve an important goal, it should be to please yourself, not your parents, not your spouse, not your friends. Do it for yourself, this is the only way to stay motivated! With Pluto in the first house, you will need more time alone than you needed in the past – don’t be afraid, you are not becoming a sociopath, you simply need to know yourself better and to understand what really motivates you.

Quote of the week for Capricorn: „I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will“ (Charlotte Brontë)

Aquarius – Secret Desires and Taboos

The twelfth house is the astrological house of karma, but also of secrets and of secrets enemies. On the other hand, Pluto is the planet ruling all that is secret and undercover, all that which is hidden from view. So, those born under the sign of Aquarius will be more and more attracted to taboo things and situations. Now, they can satisfy their secret desires, but they have to be very prudent – there are dangerous secrets that should never be known. You must also be attentive with other peoples’ secrets. Don’t expose them! Keeping a secret is a great responsibility.

Quote of the week for Aquarius: „A good friend keeps your secrets for you. A best friend helps you keep your own secrets“ (Lauren Oliver)

Pisces – Don’t Get Stuck In The Past!

Pisces must know when and how to say goodbye – there are a lot of people in their lives that shouldn’t be there anymore: old friends that stopped being good friends, a partner who betrayed you or some irritating co-workers. Think about it, clarify for yourself why you want to break up and then break-up like an adult, with respect! Meanwhile, you can make new friends, more suited to who you are now. Don’t get stuck in the past, look into the future and make friends who also want a better future!

Quote of the week for Pisces: „Suffering is not holding you. You are holding suffering. When you become good at the art of letting sufferings go, then you’ll come to realize how unnecessary it was for you to drag those burdens around with you. You’ll see that no one else other than you was responsible. The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival“ (Osho)