This is the 2018 Gemini horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. At the beginning of the year, The Full Moon in the second house helps Geminis to understand that their most valuable asset is themselves. Then, Saturn in the eighth house helps them to make their finances in order (having some hard moments between April and September), while Jupiter in the sixth house makes them great employees.

January 2nd: Full Moon in the Second House – Your Most Valuable Asset Is Yourself!

How much you have and how much you earn in terms of money and possessions impacts how you feel about yourself. The most important thing right now is to be financially secure. Especially now, at the beginning of the year, you should decide what your financial goals are and then take steps to achieve these goals. Then, during the next eleventh months of 2018, regularly reviewing and updating your plan can ensure that you will stay financially secure.

As for the right attitude, it is a good idea to see you as a financial asset. Your knowledge, your skills and your professional experience are the biggest assets you have. And you always can increase the value of this asset through hard work and continual upgrading of professional knowledge and skills. For example, you can make an inventory of your skills-set that needs updating. Go and improve yourself!

gemini 2018 horoscope

January 1st-April 17th: Saturn in the Eighth House – Live on a Tight Budget

Eleven days before the New Year, just before Christmas, Saturn entered Gemini’s eight house. The eighth astrological house symbolizes transformations through growth and change and is also considered the house of shared financial resources. Here, Saturn affects any kind of financial support from another, like inheritances, alimony or even the gifts we receive. Taxes and insurances may also become important issues. At the beginning of the transit, Saturn’s influences are not well received, because it is the planet of limitations and lessons, associated with restriction. With this transit beginning just before the holydays, Saturn probably required you to celebrate Christmas and New Year on budget, spending less on presents and cutting out unnecessary items, when shopping. And this is also valuable for the first months of 2018. Then, during this transit (until 2020!) things will improve, Saturn helping Gemini to get their finances in order. But slowly, step by step…

January 1st- March 8th: Jupiter in the Sixth House – the Greatest Employee

Jupiter transits the sixth house in January, February and the first week of March, Jupiter in the sixth astrological house makes Gemini an outstanding employee, more successful than everyone else. Gemini is always a good communicator and also has an intellectual ability that makes him an excellent friend, but also an excellent employee. These qualities are reinforced by Jupiter in Scorpio.  This transit enhances Gemini’s ability to handle the details required to do a good job. So, a Gemini can choose one of the jobs ideal for detail-oriented people: accountants, auditors, paralegals, social media managers, construction supervisors, architects and designers.

March 8th-July 10th: Jupiter retrograde in the Sixth House – Inner Struggle

The planet Jupiter is associated in astrology with the principles of growth, expansion, prosperity and good fortune. This planet helps us to identify and to exploit opportunities. When Jupiter is moving backward (like between March 8th and July 10th, this year), turns its energy of expansion inwards. During this period of time, inner growth becomes more important than ever.  So, during this retrograde motion of Jupiter, Gemini has to discover practical ways to improve him, professionally. This involves, most of the time, getting out of the comfort zone. And the results will not occur overnight – actually, they will not occur until Jupiter goes direct again, in July. But this inner struggle and the effort made during Jupiter retrograde will be rewarded professionally, between July 10th and November 8th.

April 17th-September 6th: Saturn Retrograde in the Eighth House – Financially Dependent

During this period of time, having Saturn retrograde in the eight house, people born under the sign of Gemini have to work hard for their money. Certainly, this is not the proper time for gambling and they also shouldn’t expect any inheritance – they will not become rich overnight. Forget, also, about winning the lottery! There is a risk for Geminis to financially depend on someone else, between April and September: their parents, their partner, some richer friends or relatives. Of course, this is not comfortable, financially dependence having hidden cost, starting with self-dignity and health affected by the stress. So, during this transit, Geminis must think about how to make the first steps towards financial freedom.

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July 10th-November 8th: Jupiter again direct in the sixth house

For the second time this year, Jupiter transits your sixth house, making Gemini a great employee. There are the same influences like between January 1st and March 8th.

September 6th-December 31st: Saturn again direct in the eighth house

As said above, this house symbolizes transformations through growth and change and is also considered the house of shared financial resources. Now, you already understood some lessons offered by Saturn and maybe you made the first steps towards financial freedom.

Saturday, December 22nd: Full Moon in the Second House (the second house)

2018 started with a Full Moon in Cancer, on January 2nd, and ends with a second Full Moon in Cancer, on December 22nd (the thirteenth full moon, in 2018). As I said talking about January 2nd Full Moon, the most important thing right now is to be financially secure. And this is the best time to decide what your financial goals are for the next year.