This is the 2018 Taurus horoscope, based on the most important planetary transits and aspects. At the end of last year, Saturn leaved the eighth house, so that things will change for the better, in business. Also good news is Jupiter entering the eight house, on November 17th 2018. Here, Jupiter can bring great financial benefits from others: money or other resources from family, from your spouse, from collaborations or different financial institutions.

Saturn leaves Sagittarius and the eight house (all year long – starting December 20th, 2017) – Make Money Easier  

At the end of 2017, Saturn entered the ninth house and this will not have much impact on Taurus’ finances, because the 9th house is about quite different matters: long distance travels and journeys, foreign countries, higher education and knowledge. But, financially speaking, it is very important for Taurus that Saturn leaved the eight house, astrological house of joint funds and finances, of other person’s resource. During the last three years, Taurus men and women had to work hard for their money. Certainly, this wasn’t the proper time for gambling or for expecting inheritances. Now, things change and they change for the better. With Saturn removed from there, Taurus learn how to build wealth using other people’s money. Remember that rich people aren’t afraid to fund their future from other people’s pockets and find your way to do it!

2018 taurus horoscope

Uranus entering Taurus and the first house (Starting May 15th, 2018, until April 26th, 2026) – Take Personal Risks

Uranus is a slow-moving planet, so that his transits are long-lasting. An average, Uranus transits a sign for approximately 7 years and this will be also the case with this transit in Taurus, which will end in 2026. In astrology, Uranus is associated with the principles of ingenuity, originality, new or unconventional ideas, discoveries, inventions and revolutions. This planet also governs societies, clubs, and any group based on progressive ideals. When Uranus transits the first house – and this is the case for Taurus, starting 2018 –, this is a time when you are more willing to take personal risks and to break free from the expectations of others. So, Taurus will come up with new ideas at work. When you present a new idea at work, make your presentation concise, using a simple language. Elsewhere, people get impatient and annoyed. You also should give special attention to the practical details of your idea, you must know how it can be executed and implemented.

June 13th: New Moon in Gemini and the second house – How Much Money Can You Really Make?

This day, with the New Moon in Gemini, you have to answer yourself to these two important questions: do you earn enough money? How much money can you really make? Having enough emergency money set aside is a marker for sufficient income. If you are debt-free, this is another good sign that you earn enough money. On the other hand, if you are choosing between which bills to pay, you have a problem! You can draw the same conclusion if you can’t handle an emergency. Think about all these signs of having or not having enough money. If things are exactly as you want them, enjoy! If they aren’t, search for a solution. Maybe you have to cut your lifestyle or maybe you have to find another job. And remember: never dealing with your finances in panic mode! Instead, make a budget stick to it!

Jupiter in Sagittarius and eighth house (November 9th-December 31st) – Financial Benefits from Others

Jupiter, planet of growth, prosperity and good fortune, is transiting Taurus’ eighth house – one of the astrological houses of money and finances. Here, Jupiter can bring great financial benefits from others: money or other resources from family, from your spouse, from collaborations or different financial institutions. You can receive some expensive gifts; you also can inherit money and valuable properties, there may be an increase in a spouse’s income. If you conduct your own business – doesn’t matter if it is your own entrepreneurial venture, a small business or a global corporation –, this is the best time to become a more successful businessman. You can use these astral influences to educate yourself, to develop a relationship with some professionals whose career you admire, to find the best business partners, to make smart investments, to innovate and take some calculated risks. The measures taken during this period of time will be of great help, for your future development as an entrepreneur.

2018 taurus business astrologyMercury retrograde in 8th house (November 17th-December 2nd) – Two Difficult Weeks

The eighth house is the astrological house of shared resources, so that Mercury moving backward in this sector may bring some problems with other people’s money. Between November 17th and December 2nd, due to Mercury’s retrograde motion, it is harder for Jupiter to sustain you in the same area, as I showed above. So, if you depend on other people’s money, these two weeks will be difficult for you, financially. Your parents, your partner or your any other sponsor will face difficulties or will re-evaluate his financial relation with you, so that you will not receive his/her money for a period of time. How to prevent it? Try to have, at the beginning of this astrological transit of retrograde Mercury through your eighth house, some cash on your pockets and some money in your bank account, too. So, if you will be on your own, there will be no problem. Or, even better, you can start to make your own money, so that you will take control of your personal finances.


December 13th-January 5th: Mercury direct in 8th house (Sagittarius) – Great Time for Business Negotiations

If you made some mistakes in the last two weeks, during Mercury’s retrograde transit through Sagittarius, now is the proper time to fix them. Mercury moving direct in the eight house support Jupiter’s transit through the same astrological house, which means hope and good news for your finances. Now, grace to Mercury, you focus more on important business and financial subjects. This is the right time to make successful business negotiations. You know how to keep the negotiations professional, you ask the right questions, you are prepared to „play poker“ or even to walk away but, someway, in the end you come up with a win-win solution.