Between May 16th and June 6th, Mercury transits Taurus. Mercury (or Hermes, in the ancient Greece), well-known in Roman mythology as messenger of the gods, is associated with the principles of communication, reasoning and adaptability. This planet influences our manner of thinking and the way we express ourselves, but also rules education and transport over short distances.

Taurus, the sign Mercury will transit for the next three weeks, is an earth, feminine and fixed sign, ruled by Venus. The greatest strengths of a Taurus (someone born between April 21st and May 20th) are practical sense, loyalty, patience and faith, while his weaknesses are stubbornness, possessiveness and, sometimes, laziness.

How Mercury in Taurus influences each zodiac sign

mercury in taurus

Aries – solving problems at work becomes a priority for you, during the next three weeks. Just one advice: try to understand everyone’s interests! The best solution is a solution that satisfies everyone’s interests. Elsewhere, you’ll need to think again.

Taurus – with Mercury in your own sun sign you communicate better, you improve your communication skills. You pay attention to your interlocutor and you let the other person talk without interrupting. You learn to be brief, yet specific, and you adjust how you talk based on whom you’re speaking.

Gemini – You need some time on your own, far from the madding crowd. To relax your mind, consider meditating, practicing healthier habits, engaging in relaxing activities like listening to music (for relaxation, remember that ambient or chill out music is better than heavy metal or tech house!).

Cancer – you think out of the box, you have many original ideas. And, maybe more important, you know how to present these ideas to other people. When you talk, you look confident and you really know what you’re talking about. You also develop an emotional bond – all those are important ingredients, to be persuasive.

Leo – during the next three weeks, you will be more organised at work. This is also a good time to improve your relationship with your boss. You show him respect and you stay above office politics and gossip. Under-promising and over-delivering is one of the best ways to get your boss to appreciate you more..

Virgo – It is best time to study, until June sixth. So, good news for Virgo students and for intellectual workers. Having Mercury in the ninth house, you see the big picture in life and also your own place in this big picture.

Libra –you need to follow some rules in order to acquire some healthy spending habits. One of the most common advices is to shop with a shopping list 0 it will really help you a lot. Another good strategy is to delay the purchase. If you want to buy something, wait a day and see if you still want it a day later. Maybe you’ll have a surprise.

Scorpio – you relationship could have better communication. Maybe you have some Scorpio intuition and you can read your partner’s mind. Just remember that, most probably, your partner can’t read yours! So, communicate using words! Eye contact and body language are also important.

Sagittarius –Mercury is the traditional ruler of the sixth house, so the planet is very strong, during this transit. Sagittarius employees successfully organize their work environment and improve relationships with co-workers. Staying focused at work will be easier for Sagittarius, during the next three weeks.

Capricorn – Capricorn is more creative than usual, between May 16th and June 6th. It is also the best time to talk about their feelings, especially if they are in love and they haven’t told anything until now.

Aquarius – with Mercury in the fourth house, Aquarius spends more time home and domestic activities become a favourite pastime. Aquarius knows what’s going on in family member’s lives, shares what’s going on in his/her life and give good advice, when needed.

Pisces – Mercury is the natural ruler of the third house, astrological house of communication, but also of short and local travel. So, Pisces better communicates, spending more time on the phone, writing mails and talking face to face. Travels will help Pisces to solve any problem.