Between February 25th and March 13th, Mercury is transiting Pisces. With Mercury in Pisces, we become good and empathetic listeners. The mind is directed by emotions, dreams, visions and intuition. Our thinking processes are more visual, intuitive and imaginative. The logic is not very important, when Mercury transits this sign connected with spirituality, sensitivity and imagination. Let’s see what this transit means, for each zodiac sign:

Aries: calmer and introspective

With Mercury transiting the twelfth house, Aries starts keeping to himself his ideas and plans for the future. And there is another change of behaviour and communication style: he is no more in hurry and he renounces to his usual conversation pattern: „shoot first, ask questions later“. So, there will be, for two and a half weeks, a calmer and introspective Aries.Mercury in Pisces 2017

Taurus: many people around you

Taurus likes to have many people around him, between February 25th and March 13th.  He is friendlier than ever and develops his group working skills. Taurus listens to every person in the group, knows how to avoid conflicts and how to make each team member do his best.

Gemini: affirm yourself at work

With Mercury transiting the 10th house, astrological house of career and social status, Gemini’s main concern is to build strong professional relationships. They already know how to communicate (talking is their most important gift and quality) and they use this ability to affirm themselves at work. Good news for their career!

Cancer: travel abroad

For Cancer, this is a good time to interact and build relationships with people from other cultures. Learning a foreign language or improving his foreign language comprehension is also a good idea, for these two and a half weeks. Tolerance and mutual respect become the most important values. Be prepared to travel abroad!

Leo: Intuition and Creativity  

Leo has a lot of confidence in his beliefs. He uses his intuition to make good decisions and this inner voice never lies. Einstein expressed this sentiment best: „I believe in intuitions and inspirations… I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am“. Creativity is enhanced, during this transit.

Virgo: solving relationship problems

Virgo improves communication with his partner, during this period of time. Common relationship problems, like lack of communication, infidelity or loss of libido can be solved now. One on one meetings and discussions will improve things. Most of the Virgo will feel happy spending time with their partner. Good news also for business partnerships – now, you will choose the best people, for developing your business.

Libra: focused on work

Libra’s mind is focused on work, with transit Mercury in the sixth house, astrological house of routine tasks and duties. Libra succeed to beat distraction and to keep concentration on the things that really matter. Therefore, his job performance will be much better. So, good news for bosses and businesses with Libra employees!

Scorpio: children’s games and creativity

For Scorpios who have children, now it is the moment to spend more quality time with them. Play children’s games, eat some ice-cream together, go to the cinema and watch an animation movie! For all Scorpios, Mercury in the fifth house brings a lot of creativity. They use this creativity both in their everyday life and in the workplace.

Sagittarius: stronger and deeper emotions

With Mercury in the fourth house, emotions are deeper, stronger, and decisions are based on what Sagittarius feels, not on what Sagittarius thinks. Childhood memories and relationships with their parents also become very important for Sagittarius men and women, between February 25th and March 13th..

Capricorn: Learning

For the traditionalist Capricorn, this is the best time to start learning something new. Doing something different each day will also help him a lot during this transit, when getting out of the comfort zone is a must. „Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever!“ (Mahatma Gandhi)

Aquarius: Profit

Communication related activities become profitable for Aquarius, for these two weeks and a half. You smile a lot, you are an active listener, you pay attention to your outward appearance. Aquarius natives also use their intellectual qualities to make money and most of them succeed to well manage their finances.

Pisces: Secrets Revealed

Usually, Pisces try to be secretive about many things, especially about their personal projects and about feelings. With Mercury in their own sun sign, Pisces people stop hiding. They reveal their secrets and they express easier their feelings. The values of their sun sign – intuition, creative imagination, sensitivity – are appreciated by a lot of people, when Mercury is transiting Pisces. So, they feel better in relationships, having a common ground with the one they communicate.