On January 24th, 2016, the Full Moon in Leo (Sun in Aquarius opposite Moon in Leo) announces a good time for self-expression, creativity and originality. Establishing and maintaining a connection with yourself, with your inner self, represents the main message of this Full Moon.

Now, we fully understand the meaning of Herman Melville’s affirmation: „It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation“. The French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal also has an interesting quote about originality: „The greater intellect one has, the more originality one finds in men. Ordinary persons find no difference between men.”

Expressing yourself is only the beginning; then, you have to acquire the other qualities of the Leo: optimism, leadership, ambition, generosity. Or otherwise the Full Moon can activate, for you, only the defects of Leo: cruelty, aggressiveness, arrogance and immaturity.

Let’s see how the Full Moon in Leo influences each zodiac sign:

Full Moon in Leo 2017

Aries – Be creative in love and find creative ways to show people that you love them! There is no need to wait for Valentine’s Day to declare your love – do it now!

Taurus – Decorating home is a good idea, for today. Surround yourself with things you love. Personalize your kitchen, your bedroom, your office and every place where you spend much time.

Gemini – Find a way to say more with fewer words. Most Geminis are gifted speakers, but there is always place for improvement. Express yourself!

Cancer – Unleash your creativity at work. A first step is to understand that every product or service can be done better.

Leo – Put yourself first! Otherwise, you won’t help anyone else and you’ll just accumulate frustration.

Virgo – Whatever you do, do on your own! You have to learn to trust your own decisions. Forget society’s expectations!

Libra – Today, it is a good idea to knowingly break a rule. The feeling will be great – a real sensation of freedom. Of course, you have to start with small things – don’t do something that can cost you money or freedom!

Scorpio – Today, you’re in the spotlight, whether you like it or not. Take advantage with the situation and prove your skills!

Sagittarius – Your adventurous side takes control. Celebrate it and do something wild!

Capricorn – There is a high level of financial stress. Probably you created some bad spending habits and it is a good time to change them.

Aquarius – Surprise your partner; come with some creative romantic ideas! Aquarius’s originality and authentic style will help you make the best choice.

Pisces – Old habits are hard to break, but this is what you have to do, today – change especially the habits that affect your health. Listening to your own body and its signals will make the difference.