Aries – February 2017

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering Aries (where the planet will stay, with an interruption, for more than four months), those born under this sign become interested in improving their physical appearance and attractiveness. So, many Aries man and woman forget about junk food, start to eat healthfully, to drink less alcohol and more water, to work out at least twice a week.

Starting February 6th, with Jupiter retrograde in the seventh house, Aries must handle some relationship problems.  Maybe it is about lack of communication, about being too jealous or about not having enough time to spend together. Whatever it is, you have to accept that there is a problem, to understand it and to discuss about it with your partner. Remember that there are two people in a relationship and that both of them have to express their opinion and to feel appreciated.

On February 27th, with Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, those born under this sign have a strong tendency to act spontaneously, to follow some passionate desires, to take some risks. Maybe they need a friend to calm they down, when things run out of control.

Taurus – February 2017

Until February 8th, with the Sun transiting the tenth house, Taurus has chances to progress in career. During this transit, Taurus people have to deal with bosses, teachers, masters, parents or other kind of authority figure. But this is not a problem – they build positive relationships at work and are highly appreciated for their effort and dedication. As a bonus, frequently having to deal with leaders, Taurus succeeds to develop his own leadership traits, so that, in the end, they may get a promotion and become themselves a leader.

Starting February 6th, with Jupiter moving backward in the sixth house, Taurus has to discover practical ways to improve himself, professionally. This involves, most of the time, getting out of the comfort zone. And the results will not occur overnight – they will not occur until Jupiter goes direct again, in June. But this inner struggle and the effort made starting from February will be rewarded professionally, between June and October.

Starting February 25th, with Mercury entering the eleventh house, Taurus becomes more social and keeps in touch with his friends. They also accept invitation to parties and expand their social circle.

February Monthly Horoscope for Each Zodiac sign

Gemini – February 2017

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the eleventh house, Gemini finds a lot of people with similar interests, having many opportunities to socialize. They are good talkers, but also good listeners, so that almost everyone enjoys spending time with them.

Starting 8th of February, with Jupiter moving backward in the fifth house, Geminis put their energy into reviving a relationship.  They can start with simple things and gestures. For example, starting to look into each other’s eyes whenever they are talking to each other brings emotional closeness back. Sharing new experiences together is also a food idea – maybe monotony is the problem you have to overcome.

Starting February 26th (and until March 13th), Mercury in the 10th house gives Gemini a good professional start, for 2017 spring. All born under this sign already have great social skills and know how to make conversation. During these three weeks, Mercury helps them to use conversational skills at work. And there will be many opportunities: conferences, receptions, seminars, meetups, business dinners and banquets. Don’t miss these events, because they represent excellent opportunities for you to prove your qualities and to socialize with colleagues, bosses and employees!

Cancer – February 2017

Starting February 3rd, with Venus transiting the tenth house, astrological house of career and social status, Cancer men and women are more charming in public and attract more people to them. They feel appreciated at work, having their merits recognized by co-workers and even by the worst bosses. In romantic relationships, they are attracted by partners older than them, who are stable and successful in their career.

Starting February 6th, Jupiter retrograde in the fourth house asks you to solve family problems. Remember that you can choose your friends, but not your family and try to forgive any family members that have wronged you. Parents make mistakes, children also make mistakes and partners make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. You also make mistakes and your own inner peace and happiness is tied to your forgiveness.

On February 18th, Sun enters Pisces and Cancer’s intellectual capacity is increased. This is a good time for study and, if you have an exam, there are great chances to pass it.

Leo – February 2017

At the beginning of this month, until February 7th, with Mercury transiting the sixth house, Leo becomes more productive and efficient at work. It will be easier for Leo to beat distractions and to stay focused, when working for important projects. Effective communication with co-workers will also become something normal. So, this first week of the month can help those born under the sign of Leo not only to improve their performance at work, but also to be recognized as good and professional employees and co-workers. In conclusion, this is the best time to schedule important business meetings, to try to get a promotion or a raise.

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the ninth house, astrological house connected with foreign travel and foreign countries, Leos enjoy traveling and getting in touch with people from different countries and cultures. They are attracted to people who, due to their opinions and life experience, help them to expand their mind, to see things differently from the way they had before. So, don’t stay home and don’t be shy! Get out, travel and socialize!

Starting February 18th, with the Sun transiting the eight house, it is an excellent time to create a budget or a financial plan. First determine your current financial situation then set some short-, intermediate-, and long-term financial goals. In the end, study the options available to you to meet your financial goals and go for it!

Virgo – February 2017

Until February 6th, Jupiter transiting the second house brings very good news for Virgo’s finances. People born under this sign have good chances to obtain a raise. And this is because they really deserve it. From September the previous year, Jupiter started to offer his support to the Virgos that really tried to be successful workers. Those who forgot about sleeping until afternoon, about taking long breaks and finding excuses are now fully rewarded.

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the eighth house, astrological house of occult, psychic and taboo matters, people born under the sign of Virgo are more attracted to everything that represents a mystery. The people they love can’t hide anything from them, because Virgo acts just like the best detectives in a classic film noir. This is also a good time for some experiences with the occult or supernatural – overcome your critical spirit! In love, Virgo needs a deeper union with his partner and tends to share everything with him/her.

Starting from January 6th, with Jupiter retrograde in the second house, there is one risk, when you start making money: you are inclined to spend a lot, as well. If you can control yourself from buying things you really don’t need, you’ll have a great month, financially speaking! So, don’t go to stores without a shopping list, don’t buy things just because they are on sale! Make price comparisons before buying expensive things and get used to deliberate and to wait before buying!

Libra – February 2017

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the seventh house, astrological house of marriage, partnerships and business relationships, Libra men and women have the ability to attract pleasing and attractive partners. And they need it, because they are more willing than normal to enter into a committed relationship. This is also a good time to start a business with a partner – there are great chances to choose the right person.

Jupiter retrograde in the first house, starting February 6th, makes Libras to take care of their own health. It is not very difficult, there are some basic rules, easy to follow, that help a lot: drink enough water and liquids, get enough sleep, exercise on a regular basis and pay some attention to your spirituality!

On February 21st, Mercury in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra helps Libras to better communicate their feelings, especially their love. Hiding emotions is unhealthy. So, tell her you love her (or tell him you love him)!

Scorpio – February 2017

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the sixth house, astrological house of jobs, employments, routine tasks and duties, those born under the sign of Scorpio establish a happy and harmonious work environment. They have a good team spirit and they are more tactful and obliging with their co-workers. They can even meet someone at their job, it is possible to fall in love with a co-worker. Or maybe a co-worker is in love with them. If a Scorpio often finds a colleague staring at him/her and every time he/she catches him, he quickly turns away, it must be love!

Starting February 8th, with Jupiter moving backward in the 12th house, spirituality becomes more important, for Scorpios. Of course, they are interested especially in the study of occult practices, like divination, astrology or witchcraft, but there are also some Scorpios choosing some more traditional practices, like prayer and meditation.

On February 26th, with the New Moon in Pisces, Scorpios find some ways to increase his creativity. They also develop positive relationships with children.

Sagittarius – February 2017

Until February 7th, with Mercury transiting the second house, you are more practical and rational in your approach to finances. If you did some mistakes in the first days of 2017 (when Mercury was moving backward), now it is a good time to fix them. And it is also a good time to make better financial decisions. You certainly don’t want to rush and you take your time, when you need to decide a major investment or to sign a contract. Sometimes, you miss out on a financial opportunity, but in the long run it will be in your benefit. In the first week of February, Mercury also helps you to have great ideas at work and enhances communication and team-work. That means good relationships in the workplace and increased productivity.

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the fifth house, astrological house of pleasure, of recreational and leisure activities, Sagittarius feels a little more playful than usual. They spend more time with children, they also enjoy spending time with their pet or they think about getting one, maybe they get involved in more sports. Attracting new loves will also be easier for Sagittarius men and women during this transit, and not only for the single ones!

On February 23rd, with Mercury in Aquarius sextile Saturn in Sagittarius, this is a good day for socializing and developing communication skills. So, choose this day to schedule a meeting or a job interview!

Capricorn – February 2017

Until February 6th, with the benevolent and enthusiastic Jupiter moving forward in the house of career and social status, your work and career get a major boost. This is a good time to go ask for a raise or to get a promotion. If you do not obtain a new and better position within the same company, maybe you have to find a new and better job, where you will be more appreciated. Jupiter will support you to find a new job. Just focus on your strengths, think about things you’re good at, customise your CV for each recruiter you meet and go for it!

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the fourth house, astrological house of ancestry, home and family, people born under the sign of Capricorn try to improve the appearance of their home (and of their office, too). Wanting to live in a nice place, some of them will buy new items for home, like a bookshelf, an ornamental plant or some decorative crystals (let’s not forget that Capricorn is an earth zodiac sign!). Changing wall décor is also a good idea. They will spend more time home, with their family.

Starting February 6th, when Jupiter turns retrograde, Capricorns have to improve their professional skills, in order to fulfil their projects and their professional goals. Capricorn employees discover that they need to complete their studies and to expand their knowledge. So, between February and May 2017 it is a good time to take some college courses online, to participate in conferences and workshops, to read more (remember that all the billionaires are doing it!) and to try to become the best in your domain of expertise.

Aquarius – February 2017

Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the third house, astrological house of communication and education, those born under the sign of Aquarius find more pleasure in communicating and engaging with other people. So, this is a good time to hang around with friends, to make a trip together, maybe to see your favourite band. Or you can challenge each other to do something scary – it will be fun! During this transit, Aquarius is also good at mediating conflicts and strongly develops his diplomacy skills.

Between February 7th and February 25th, with Mercury entering Aquarius, self-expression comes easy. You communicate effectively in the workplace, but also with your romantic partner. You know how to talk even about problems, identifying and discussing them in a constructive manner.

Starting February 25th, with Mercury in the second house, your mind is focused on money and possessions. You may find some ideas for making more money.

Pisces – February 2017

Until February 6th, Jupiter, planet of growth, prosperity and good fortune, is transiting the eighth house, one of the astrological houses of money and finances. Here, Jupiter can bring great financial benefits from others: money or other resources from family, from your spouse, from collaborations or different financial institutions. You can receive some expensive gifts; you also can inherit money and valuable properties, there may be an increase in a spouse’s income. If you conduct your own business – your own entrepreneurial venture, a small business or a global corporation – this is the best time to become a more successful businessman.

From February 6th until June 9th, having Jupiter retrograde transiting the eighth house, you may forget the importance of being honest and sincere in your business partnerships. You want to be richer and you are ready to do whatever it takes, in order to win the money you need. Maybe some unethical and dishonest business practices can help you in the short term, but in the long term they bring a high level of stress and some collateral damages. And, when dishonesty is discovered, it ruins your reputation and your business. So, it is better to resist temptations and to remain honest. And other advices for Pisces, if they want to stay out of trouble, between February 6th and June 9th: never spend your money before you earned it and don’t exaggerate when spending other people’s money (for example, when using your parents’ or your spouse’s credit card)!

On February 26th, the New Moon in Pisces makes you feel energetic and enthusiastic. Now, you affirm yourself and you enjoy new experiences.