On February 3rd, 2017, Venus enters Aries, astral sign which the planet will transit for more than four months, until 6th of June, with an interruption between 3rd and 28th April, when Venus will go back in Pisces.

Venus in Aries

Let’s see, in detail, how Venus will move during the next four months, including his period of retrograde motion:

  • from February 3rd until March 4th: Venus direct in Aries;
  • from March 4th until April 3rd: Venus retrograde in Aries;
  • from April 3rd until April 15th: Venus retrograde in Pisces;
  • from April 15th until April 28th: Venus direct in Pisces;
  • from April 28th until June 6th: Venus direct in Aries;
  • June 6th: Venus enters Taurus.

As we know, Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Cupid, her son, is the god of desire and erotic love. Therefore, in astrology, the planet Venus governs romantic relations, social life, but also arts and fashion. When Venus is in Aries, we act spontaneously and enthusiastic. We enjoy flirting and short-term relationships, no-string-attached. Love at first sight is now possible.

Let’s see how Venus transiting Aries influences each zodiac sign:


With Venus entering the first house, astrological house of self and of physical appearance, Aries wants to improve his physical appearance, to improve and enhance his attractiveness. This is a good idea, because studies have shown that those found attractive are perceived to be more able, healthier and younger. If you are attractive you receive more attention and there are a lot of things you can do with this attention. And everybody knows that Aries LOVES attention from others and enjoys getting compliments. So, Aries men and women feel loved and appreciated and this offers them a sense of emotional security.


Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the twelfth house, astrological house of mystery and secrets, attraction to secrets and whispers characterize this period for Taurus men and women. They don’t feel like being affectionate in public, but their affection is expressed only behind closed doors. So, they will not enjoy a surprise party or getting out with too many friends, but they will prefer to spend more time with their partner. Comfort is, like always, most appreciated by Taurus, until sixth of June.


Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the eleventh house, astrological house of friendships, groups, clubs and societies, Gemini finds a lot of people with similar interests. For this purpose, they will use Internet tools like MeetUp, MeetIn or Facebook groups, but also will follow some traditional ways, like going to a real date or hanging around with some old friends. There will certainly be many opportunities to socialize. Geminis aren’t afraid to express their opinions and are born with great social skills. So, everything will be ok, for them.


For the next four months, with Venus transiting the tenth house, astrological house of career and social status, Cancer men and women are more charming in public and attract more people to them. They feel appreciated at work, having their merits recognized by co-workers and even by the worst bosses. In romantic relationships, they are attracted by partners older than them, who are stable and successful in their career.


Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the ninth house, astrological house connected with foreign travel and foreign countries, Leos enjoy traveling and getting in touch with people from different countries and cultures. They are attracted to people who, due to their opinions and life experience, help them to expand their mind, to see things differently from the way they had before. So, don’t stay home and don’t be shy! Get out, travel and socialize!


Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the eighth house, astrological house of occult, psychic and taboo matters, people born under the sign of Virgo are more attracted to everything that represents a mystery. The people they love can’t hide anything from them, because Virgo acts just like the best detectives in a classic film noir. This is also a good time for some experiences with the occult or supernatural – overcome your critical spirit! In love, Virgo needs a deeper union with his partner and tends to share everything with him/her.



With Venus entering the seventh house, astrological house of marriage, partnerships and business relationships, Libra men and women have the ability to attract pleasing and attractive partners. And they need it, because they are more willing than normal to enter into a committed relationship. This is also a good time to start a business with a partner – there are great chances to choose the right person.


Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the sixth house, astrological house of jobs, employments, routine tasks and duties, those born under the sign of Scorpio establish a happy and harmonious work environment. They have a good team spirit and they are more tactful and obliging with their co-workers. They can even meet someone at their job, it is possible to fall in love with a co-worker. Or maybe a co-worker is in love with them. If a Scorpio often finds a colleague staring at him/her and every time he/she catches him, he quickly turns away, it must be love!


Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the fifth house, astrological house of pleasure, of recreational and leisure activities, Sagittarius feels a little more playful than usual. They spend more time with children, they also enjoy spending time with their pet or they think about getting one, maybe they get involved in more sports. Attracting new loves will also be easier for Sagittarius men and women during this transit, and not only for the single ones!


With Venus entering the fourth house, astrological house of ancestry, home and family, people born under the sign of Capricorn try to improve the appearance of their home (and of their office, too). Wanting to live in a nice place, some of them will buy new items for home, like a bookshelf, an ornamental plant or some decorative crystals (let’s not forget that Capricorn is an earth zodiac sign!). Changing wall décor is also a good idea. They will spend more time home, with their family.


Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the third house, astrological house of communication and education, those born under the sign of Aquarius find more pleasure in communicating and engaging with other people. So, this is a good time to hang around with friends, to make a trip together, maybe to see your favourite band. Or you can challenge each other to do something scary – it will be fun! During this transit, Aquarius is also good at mediating conflicts and strongly develops his diplomacy skills.


Starting February 3rd, with Venus entering the second house, astrological house of money, belongings, property and acquisitions, those born under the sign of Pisces need to have physical objects around them that make them feel good. So, they will probably spend a lot of money. At least, if you cannot stop spending, try to spend smarter! And remember than spending smarter doesn’t mean buying cheap things. The cheapest option isn’t always the best option. For example, it is actually cheaper to pay 100 pounds for an outfit that will be in good shape a whole year than 40 pounds for an outfit that has to be replaced after one single month. In relationships, Pisces prefer stable people, having a desire of more comfort in their life.