You want to marry in 2017? Astrology can help you to choose the best time for wedding. There are some basic rules, that everyone needs to consider, but also some personal rules, determined by your own birth chart (and your partner’s). we present you the most important general rules, regarding the retrograde motion of luminaries and personal planets and the domicile, exaltation, detriment and fall of Venus, planet of love and marriage.

best-wedding-dates-2017-astrologyBest Wedding Dates for 2017 – What to Avoid: First Rule   

The first rule is to avoid retrograde motion of luminaries and personal planets. It is best to marry when the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) and the personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) are direct. You don’t have to care about the Sun and the Moon – they never retrograde. During 2017, Mars is also in direct motion all year long.

But still, there are five periods of time you have to avoid, for a wedding: January 1st-January 8th (Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius), March 4th-April 15th (Venus retrograde in Aries and Pisces), April 9th – May, 3rd(Mercury retrograde in Taurus and Aries), August, 12th – September, 6th (Mercury retrograde in Virgo and Leo) and December, 3rd – December 22nd (Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius).

So, according to this first basic rule, the best time to marry during 2017 is in these four periods of time:

  • January 8th-March 4th
  • May 3rd-August 12th
  • September 6th-December 3rd
  • December 22nd-December 31st

Best Wedding Dates for 2017 – What to Avoid: Second Rule  

The second rule is to avoid the periods of time when Venus, planet of love, romantic relationships and marriage, is in detriment or in fall. Venus is in detriment in Aries and Scorpio and in fall in Virgo. So, these are other periods of time to avoid: Venus in Aries (February 3rd-April 3rd and April 28th-June 6th), Venus in Virgo (September 20th-October 14th) and Venus in Scorpio (November 7th-December 1st).

So, what remains? After applying the second basic rule, the best time to marry during 2017 is in these five periods of time:

  • January 8th-February3rd
  • June 6th-August 12th
  • September 6th-September 20th
  • October 14th-November 7th
  • December 22nd-December 31st

Best Wedding Dates for 2017 – What to Choose

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and marriage is the ruler of Taurus and Libra and her sign of exaltation is Pisces. So, the best time for a wedding is when Venus is transiting one of these three astrological signs. Let’s see when this happens, during 2017. Venus is in Pisces between January 3rd and February 3rd and then again between April 3rd and April 28th. Venus is in Taurus between June 6th and July 5th. Venus is in Libra between October 10th and November 7th. So, these are the best periods for wedding, but we must also remember about the two first rules, concerning what days to avoid.

All the three rules combined, we have the best time for marriage in 2017:

  • January 8th-Februry3rd
  • June 6th-July 5th
  • October 14th-November 7th.

Best Wedding Dates – Personal Factors to Consider

The three rules described above are general rules, for everybody. But there are also personal rules, regarding the astrological aspects between the planets from the sky in 2017 and the planets from your birth chart. For example, you have to consider where is, on your birth chart, the seventh house (astrological house of relationships, partnerships and marriage) and what planet rules this house. Then, what are the aspects this ruler makes with other planets. You also need to consider the position of Juno, the asteroid of marriage.

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