2017 is a good year, financially speaking, for Pisces. Until October 10th, the beneficial Jupiter transits the eighth house, bringing for Pisces great financial benefits from others. At the end of the year, another great news: Saturn leaves the tenth house and the end of this transit brings plenty of rewards for Pisces’ efforts: maybe a raise or even a job promotion.

Below, I describe the most important planetary transits that influence Pisces in 2017, regarding money, career and business: Jupiter in the eighth house (January 1st-February 6th), Jupiter retrograde in the 8th house (February 6th-June 9th), again Jupiter direct in the 8th house (June 9th-October 10th), Venus in the sixth house (August 26th-September 20th), Mars in the 8th house (October 22nd-December 9th) and Saturn leaving the 10th house (December 20th).


JANUARY 1ST-FEBRUARY 6TH: GREAT FINANCIAL BENEFIST FROM OTHERS – Jupiter, planet of growth, prosperity and good fortune, is transiting the eighth house – one of the astrological houses of money and finances. Here, Jupiter can bring great financial benefits from others: money or other resources from family, from your spouse, from collaborations or different financial institutions. You can receive some expensive gifts; you also can inherit money and valuable properties, there may be an increase in a spouse’s income. If you conduct your own business – your own entrepreneurial venture, a small business or a global corporation – this is the best time to become a more successful businessman. You can use it to educate yourself, to develop a relationship with some professionals whose career you admire, to find the best business partners, to make smart investments, innovating and taking some calculated risks. The measures taken during this period of time will be of great help, for your future development as an entrepreneur.

FEBRUARY 6TH-JUNE 9TH: PREVENT DISHONESTY IN BUSINESS! – Having Jupiter retrograde transiting the eighth house, you may forget the importance of being honest and sincere in your business partnerships. You want to be richer and you are ready to do whatever it takes, in order to win the money you need. Maybe some unethical and dishonest business practices can help you in the short term, but in the long term they bring a high level of stress and some collateral damages. And, when dishonesty is discovered, it ruins your reputation and your business. So, it is better to resist temptations and to remain honest. And other advices for Pisces, if they want to stay out of trouble, between February 6th and June 9th: never spend your money before you earned it and don’t exaggerate when spending other people’s money (for example, when using your parents’ or your spouse’s credit card)!

JUNE 9TH-OCTOBER 10TH: For the second time this year, Jupiter transits your eighth house, bringing prosperity and financial benefits from others. You can inherit money and properties and this is also a great time to grow your business. You have four months to take advantage of this beneficial astrological transit.

AUGUST 26TH-SEPTEMBER 20TH: ROMANCE IN THE WORKPLACE? – For almost a month, you have Venus, planet associated with beauty, harmony and solidarity, in the sixth house – astrological house of health, well-being, jobs and routine tasks. First, this planetary transit can help you start a new health regime or change your diet. Then, the good news is that you will be generally well liked and respected socially on the job. Venus also rules arts, so that you can work on a creative project or take a more creative approach at a normal work project. Good news especially for artists, writers, designers or photographers, but every Pisces employee will be more creative and will prove more originality in his work. It you are single, now you can meet someone at your job; for all Pisces, it is possible to start a relationship (or at least to have an affair) with a co-worker, a boss or a subordinate. Be aware of the risks of such an affair!

2017-pisces-money-horoscopeOCTOBER 22ND-DECEMBER 9TH: GOOD IDEAS, NOT ENOUGH CAPITAL TO INVEST – Mars, god of war and planet of energy and strength, transits the eighth house – astrological house of joint funds, finances and of other person’s resource. You have great investments ideas (or, at least, you think so), but you don’t have the money to invest, to follow these ideas. So that you have to find some financial support. Some Pisces will convince their parents, spouses, business partners or friends to invest in their projects, but others will not find the desired support, but only quarrels and disagreements. On the other hand, during Mars’ transit through the eighth house, some Pisces will be no more satisfied with their jobs and they will be looking for a new one. For them, it is important to ask for advice and to find some people to support them at work. Pisces need to know there is someone to rely on, when they are facing challenges at their job.

DECEMBER 20TH: IT’S HARVEST TIME! – In the last three years, Saturn in the house of career and social status made Pisces feel vulnerable and insecure about their career. Facing many difficulties and delays, they had to constantly focus on building a strong foundation for their career success. In the last days of 2017, Saturn leaves the tenth house, so that Pisces begin to feel more secure. They learned their lessons, they know what are their strengths and weaknesses, they have serious long-term projects and know how to fulfil them. After three years of working hard and smart, the end of this transit brings plenty of rewards for Pisces’ efforts: job promotions, raises, all kind of rewards. It’s harvest time!

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