2017 is not an easy year for Scorpio, financially speaking. It is the third consecutive year with Saturn transiting second house and forcing Scorpio to work hard for every penny. Things can get complicated between April 5th and August 25th, when Saturn is moving backward. However, August 21st can be an important day for Scorpio: now, they have a chance to shine in career, to be recognized for their merits and efforts. Things definitely change from December 20th, when Saturn leaves the second house and Scorpio will be rewarded for all the efforts he has made during the last three years.

Below, I describe the most important planetary transits that influence Scorpio in 2017, regarding money, career and business: Saturn direct in the second house (January 1st-April 5th), Saturn retrograde in the second house (April 5th-August 25th), Uranus retrograde in the sixth house (August 2nd-December 31st), New Moon in the tenth house (August 21st), Saturn direct in the second house (August 25th-December 20th), Mercury retrograde in the second house (December 3rd-December 22nd) and, finally, Saturn leaving the second house (December 20th).


JANUARY 1ST-APRIL 5TH: KEEP WORKING HARD FOR THE MONEY – This is the third and the last (until 2044) year when Saturn transits the second house. Saturn entered Sagittarius at the end of 2014 and since then Scorpio men and women feel financially insecure and complain about working too hard for too little money. In the first months of 2017, nothing changes: Saturn in the astrological house of work, money and possessions wants you to get your finances in order and to take care of your possessions. More effort will have to be expended in order for the native to accumulate any degree of material security. Scorpios will invest a lot of energy in long-term projects. Constancy is the most appreciated and useful quality, in this context. Only with such long-term strategies, Scorpio will accumulate more power and money. But all these will not come easily or quickly – they will have to wait until the last days of 2017 or even until next year.

APRIL 5TH-AUGUST 25TH: DON’T MAKE MAJOR FINANCIAL DECISIONS! – This is the most difficult and the most risky period of time for your finances, in 2017. From April 5th until August 25th, try to not make any major decisions or changes that affect finances! This is not a good time to sign a contract (be aware of the risks!), to ask for a raise (because there are little chances to get it), to make major investments or to buy expensive things. Leave it to the later time! Instead, Saturn retrograde in the second house insists that you should develop an ability to build up your personal resources through hard work. On the other hand, the good side of this planetary transit is that Saturn can help you learn how to start saving money. Guided by Saturn, those born under the sign of Scorpio will avoid accumulating new debt, will reduce expenses and will avoid expensive addictions. The next step is to spend money intelligently and this is a good time to start it.

AUGUST 2ND – DECEMBER 31ST: UNCONVENTIOANL WAYS OF WORKING – With Uranus moving backward in the sixth house, Scorpios will prefer to work alone, in the last five months of 2016. This is because they do things in an unconventional way, one that works for them and brings some good results, but it is hard to be understood or accepted by their co-workers. Scorpio employees try to explain what they are doing and to convince the others that their methods are good, but they will have to face opposition from adepts of the traditional ways of working and they will have little success. If you do not want to create conflicts, don’t insist with your projects of reform! This is not the right time for them. Uranus retrograde also brings some risks of accidents at work. So, take care and keep focus!

scorpio-horoscope-2017-moneyAUGUST 21ST: LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU BETTER – With the New Moon in the tenth house, it is a good time to develop new business plans and career goals. This New Moon occurs in the fiery sign of Leo, so that Scorpio feels a strong need to shine in career, to be recognized for his merits and efforts. This is a good day to start a long-term professional project, to fix an important business meeting or to participate at social events, where you can meet valuable people or find someone who will support you in career. Don’t be afraid to talk about your professional achievements, but also about your most important projects. If you let people know you better, they will appreciate you more. So, this is not a good day to be modest!

AUGUST 25TH-DECEMBER 20TH: For the second time this year and for the sixth time in the last three years, Saturn transits the second house. Money still does not come easily or quickly, but after long time hard work. But there is also good news: this is the last Saturn transit through the second house, until 2044. So, things are going to get easier, financially speaking, once this transit is over.

DECEMBER 3RD-DECEMBER 22ND: EVALUATE YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION – With Mercury moving backward through your second house, it is time to evaluate your financial situation, to self-diagnose your financial health. Do you earn sufficient money? Are you happy with how you make that money? Do you spend your money wisely? Can you save some money every month? How much? For this time, it is important to think about all these things – it is not the right time to propose a solution for the problems you may discover. First step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one and this is what Scorpio has to do, between December 3rd and December 22nd, 2016.

STARTING DECEMBER 20TH: GREAT NEWS FOR YOUR FINANCES – With Saturn entering the third house, the astrological house of communication, of lower education, short trips and immediate environment, Scorpio will have to rethink his relationship with his environment: how he communicates, where he goes, what he knows and what must learn in the future. But the great news is that Saturn leaves the second house and there is no more pressure on Scorpio’s finances. From now on, it will be easier to make money and Scorpio will be rewarded for all the efforts he has made during the last three years.

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