2017 is a year like a sandwich for Libra, the slices of bread being better than the meat and vegetables. The best planetary transits for those born under this sign are in January and December. In January, Mars in Pisces makes Libra an industrious and tireless worker, while in December the same planet in Scorpio improves his financial situation.

Below, I describe the most important planetary transits that influence Libra in 2017, regarding money, career and business: Mars in the sixth house (January 1st-January 28th), Mercury retrograde in the eighth house (April 9th-April 20th), New Moon in the tenth house (June 24th), Mercury in the tenth house (July 4th-July 20th), Neptune retrograde in the sixth house (June 16th-November 22nd) and Mars in the second house (December 9th-December 31st).


JANUARY 1ST-JANUARY 28TH: DO YOUR HARDEST TASK FIRST! – With Mars, planet of life force and will power, in the sixth astrological house, those born under the sign of Libra are in very good shape at work, in the first four weeks of 2017. In January, Mars makes Libra an industrious and tireless worker, ready to perform at his/her peak every day, delivering more value than anyone could ever expect from him/her. So, don’t start it easy! On the contrary, it is a very good idea to do your toughest tasks right now, at the beginning of the year. This is the time when you have the greatest chances to manage difficult projects. Competition is also good for you, during this transit: Mars takes initiative and helps you beat the competition.

APRIL 9TH-APRIL 20TH: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY – If you depend on other people’s money, the mid-April will be very difficult for you, financially. Your parents, your partner or your any other sponsor will face difficulties or will re-evaluate his financial relation with you, so that you will not receive his/her money for a period of time. How to prevent it? Try to have, at the beginning of this astrological transit of retrograde Mercury through your eighth house, some cash on your pockets and some money in your bank account, too. So, if you will be on your own, there will be no problem. Or, even better, you can start to make your own money, so that you will take control of your personal finances. And yet, if you make some mistakes before or during retrograde Mercury in Taurus, you can fix them between May 17th and June 6th, when Mercury will transit again the eighth house, this time in direct motion.

JUNE 24TH: BUILD AN AWESOME PERSONAL BRAND – The New Moon in the tenth astrological house is the best time to take care about your public image. If you want a successful career or to get more costumers, you have to care about what people think about you, about your company, your products and the services you offer. So, you should ask yourself what you wish for people to associate with you when they think of your name. After sincerely responding to this question, you can start thinking of yourself as a brand and building it. So, this New moon can be the first step towards a better job or better feedback from your costumers.

JUNE 4TH-JULY 20TH: FOCUSING ON WORK RELATIONSHIPS – During this transit of Mercury – planet of information, communication and eloquence – through your tenth house, your career requires more communication than usual. You will have to speak more than one time in front of your bosses and colleagues and there will be more meetings at work. You don’t have to be afraid – just think that there will be more opportunities to build a positive image about yourself! With Mercury on your side, focusing on work relationships will help you not only advance in your job, but also make new friends. So, go to work events, smile, be confident and don’t fear rejection! You will successfully integrate in any friend group.

2017-libra-horoscope-moneyJUNE 16TH-NOVEMBER 22ND: TENDENCY TO DAYDREAMING – With Neptune moving backward in their sixth house, it is difficult for those born under the sign of Libra to control their mind and thoughts, especially when they are at work. There is a persistent tendency to daydreaming, so that productivity is affected. Absenteeism and lack of discipline are other two possible problems for Libra, between June 16th and November 22nd. Considering these problems, increasing focus and attention is a must. There are many meditation and concentration techniques that can help you a lot – you only have to choose the one most convenient to you: it can be chakra meditations, Zazen, Vipassana , transcendental meditation or anything else. Just be careful and don’t transform meditation into another kind of day-dreaming!

DECEMBER 3RD-DECEMBER 31ST: MORE WORK, MORE MONEY – You will make more money than before, in the last month of 2017. And this is not because December is the month of giving and kindness – no one will offer you a one hundred thousand pounds gift card!  Neither euros or dollars. But you will make your own money, because you have much energy both for new money-making projects and for stepping up existing ones. Having more money, you will spend a lot for Christmas and for New-Year’s Eve. You can afford to spend, because Mars in the second house will also help you at the beginning of the next year, until January 26th.

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