2017 is a great year for Virgos, financially speaking. Jupiter transits the second house from the beginning of the year until October 10th, bringing prosperity and rewards for the successful workers. Between February 6th and June 9th, with Jupiter retrograde, Virgos have to avoid overspending. In the last few months of the year, between October 22nd and December 9th, Mars in the second house also gives those born under the sign of Virgo more energy to work and to make money.

Below, I describe the most important planetary transits that influence Virgo in 2017, regarding money, career and business: Jupiter direct in the second house (January 1st-February 6th), Jupiter retrograde in the second house (February 6th-June 9th), Mercury retrograde in the eighth house (April 20th-May 3rd), New Moon in the tenth house (May 25th), Mercury in the tenth house (June 6th-June 21st), Jupiter again direct in the second house (June 9th-October 10th) and Mars in the second house (October 22nd-December 9th).


JANUARY 1ST-FEBRUARY 6TH: LUCKY WITH MONEY – Jupiter transiting the second house brings very good news for Virgo’s finances. People born under this sign have the best chance to obtain a raise, during this transit. And this is because they really deserve it. From September the previous year, Jupiter started to offer his support to the Virgos that really tried to be successful workers. Those who forgot about sleeping until afternoon, about taking long breaks and finding excuses are now fully rewarded. And the raise is not the only good thing happening to them, during these five weeks. They also become experts in finding and recognizing good opportunities to make more money, to increase their financial status. They understand what services or products are needed in their location and they put themselves to work, providing this product or service and earning more money. Jupiter in the house of work and money assures you that the timing will be just right.

FEBRUARY 6TH-JUNE 9TH: AVOID OVERSPENDING – We have already seen that Jupiter in Libra brings prosperity, for Virgos. There is only one risk, when you start making a lot of money: you are inclined to spend a lot, as well. If you can control yourself from buying things you really don’t need, 2017 will be a great year, financially speaking! The greatest risk of overspending is between February 6th and June 9th, when Jupiter moves backward. So, don’t go to stores without a shopping list, don’t buy things just because they are on sale! Make price comparisons before buying expensive things and get used to deliberate and to wait before buying! Those tips will help you to survive to Jupiter retrograde in the second house. On the other hand, this position is the proper time to find out ways to make yourself even better at your job. Analyse your work style and you will surely discover that there is place for improvement.

APRIL 20TH-MAY 3RD: NO MONEY WITHOUT WORKING – The eighth house is the astrological house of shared resources, so that Mercury moving backward in this sector may bring some problems with other people’s money. During these two weeks, don’t count on loans from friends or relatives, because you may have unpleasant surprises! It is also highly improbable to get an inheritance, to win at gambling or to receive expensive gifts. So, the conclusion is clear: you will not discover any easy way to find money without working and nobody will pay you for nothing. So, go back to work!

MAY 25TH: A GOOD START IS HALF WAY TO SUCCESS – The New Moon in the tenth house – the astrological house ruling your career – could show a new path in your career. It is possible to meet someone who will support you from now on, helping you to highlight your accomplishments and to be more appreciated at work. So, this is a good day for business meetings. You can also start an important project, because you will succeed to estimate how much resources are needed and you will budget your time and energy accordingly. A good start is half way to success, and today is an ideal day for a good start.

2017-money-horoscope-virgoJUNE 6TH-JUNE 21ST: DIVERSIFY YOUR INFORMATION SOURCES! – With Mercury in the tenth house, you think more about career and about the right direction in life. You also have more conversation on these topics. When discussing such important things, it is important to choose the right conversation partner. Of course that your mother or your grandma loves you, but they are probably not the right persons to give you some career advices. Instead, discuss with people who have faced the same problems and overcome them successfully. Educate yourself online, join Facebook groups and professional forums, go listen some motivational speakers and professional coaches. Diversify your information sources! „The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. Really, it’s a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free“ (Charles R. Swindoll)

JUNE 9TH-OCTOBER 10TH: FOUR MONTHS OF PROSPERITY – Great news for you! Jupiter is moving forward again, meaning that all the good astral influence described above (January 1st-February 6th) is back in your life, this time for four entire months! Use this great opportunity; it occurs only once every twelve years!

OCTOBER 22ND-DECEMBER 9TH: MORE ENERGY TO MAKE MONEY – Jupiter is gone, but you don’t have to cry, because another planet offers you support. Between October 22nd and December 9th, Mars gives those born under the sign of Virgo more energy to work and to make money. This is a period when you feel energized and you can accomplish many important tasks in a short period of time. Some people even take a second job or start a new business, when Mars transits their second house. There will be also some unexpected expenses, but without too many problems for Virgos – they have plenty of money, after all the good influences received in 2017.

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