2017 starts for Leo with Mercury transiting the house of daily work, making those born under this sign more productive and efficient. Due to retrograde Neptune, the summer brings the risk of excessive daydreaming and of forgetting about some daily responsibilities. The end of September is the best time to make major investments, while Saturn entering Capricorn in the last days of the year announces some difficulties at Leo’s workplace.

Below, I describe the most important planetary transits that influence Leo in 2017, regarding money, career and business: Mercury in the sixth house (January 12th-February 7th), New Moon in the tenth house (April 26th), Neptune retrograde in the eighth house (June 16th-November 22nd), New Moon in the second house (September 20th), Mars in the second house (September 5th-October 22nd) and Saturn entering the sixth house (starting December 20th).


JANUARY 12TH-FEBRUARY 7TH: IMPROVE CONCENTRATION AT WORK – With Mercury transiting the sixth house, you become more productive and efficient at work. It will be easier for Leo to beat distractions and to stay focused, when working for important projects. Effective communication with co-workers will also become something normal. So, these four weeks at the beginning of the year can help those born under the sign of Leo not only to improve their performance at work, but also to be recognized as good and professional employees and co-workers. In conclusion, this is the best time to schedule important business meetings, to try to get a promotion or a raise.

APRIL 26TH: A NEW CAREER PATH – The tenth house rules your career, your professional path and your public image. On April 26th, the New Moon in Leo’s tenth house helps those born under this sign to start a new career path. When you start, it is very important to learn all you can about your new career: you can learn about job possibilities going at the local government employment office. But you also can visit the local library and search the internet – a well-informed person is a protected one. After you found all that matters about your new career, you must decide which your personal goals are. But, of course, not all the Leos will change their job. For most of them, a new beginning at work can refer to starting a new important and long-term project, keeping the old job. Or this is a good day to initiate a partnership or to find a great mentor.

JUNE 16TH-NOVEMBER 22ND: THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS – Ignoring details at work can lead to confusion and even chaos, during this difficult period, with Neptune going backward through the sixth house – astrological house of daily routine and of details defining your work style. Retrograde Neptune is connected with dreaming, illusions and utopian ideas that are not really suitable for work. So, there are two major risks for Leos at work, during summer and autumn of 2017. The first is excessive daydreaming – they risk to spend a great percent of their waking time in an imaginary world, thinking about what it was, what will be or about fantastic worlds. The second is to focus only on big goals and forgetting about day to day responsibilities and tasks. Keep feet on the ground, good people, and stay in the present moent!

SEPTEMBER 20TH: SMART THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR MONEY – With the New Moon in the second house (astrological house of possessions and money), it is the right time to buy some valuable things, to make some big investments. If you’re going to buy a house or a car in 2017, the best option is to wait until the end of September and to take possession of it right now, in the two weeks between September New Moon (September 20th) and October Full Moon (October 5th). And this is valuable not only for big investments – now, you can shop smarter than in the rest of the year. You will not let the seller or the shop to seduce you and you will certainly choose quality over quantity.

leo-money-horoscope-2017SEPTEMBER 5TH-OCTOBER 22ND: IS MONEY – A BARRIER AGAINST ALL POSSIBLE EVILS? With Mars transiting the second house for one and a half month, Leo has more energy at his disposal to make money and to use them wisely (helped also by the New Moon in Virgo, as seen above). Now, you have a tendency to think that possessions and material acquisitions will define who you are and it is very important for you to be considered rich. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said once that „Money is a barrier against all possible evils“. Maybe this is not entirely true, but money can bring you a lot of things and satisfaction. And this is the most important for all those born under the sign of Leo, during this transit.

STARTING DECEMBER 20TH: Saturn enters the sixth house and – at least at the beginning, in the first months of this transit – this is not good news for Leos. They will face difficulties at their workplace and they will need some months to understand what is happening and how to overcome these difficulties. Some of them will feel overwhelmed with work. Others will realize that the job they have is not the one they wanted and they cannot give their best. Or some difficult co-worker or a horrible boss will abuse or will undermine them. Each Leo will face a specific problem, hard to handle. But overcoming this specific problem will bring them a feeling of relief and will help them to get ahead in their career. But that will not happen in 2017, but next year.

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