No major transits affect Gemini’s financial and business life during 2017, until December 2oth, when Saturn enters the 8th house, helping (and even forcing) Gemini to get their finances in order, the next three years. But there are some opportunities to advance professionally, helped by planets such as Mercury and Venus.

2017 Gemini Horoscope Money, Career and BusinessBelow, I describe the most important planetary transits that influence Gemini in 2017,
regarding money, career and business
: Mercury in the 10th house (February 26th-March 13th), Mercury in the second house (June 21st-July 6th), Neptune retrograde in the tenth house (June, 16th-November, 22nd), Venus in the sixth house (November 8th-December 1st) and Saturn in the eighth house (starting December 20th).

FEBRUARY 26TH –MARCH 13TH: DON’T MISS PROFESSIONAL EVENTS! – Mercury in the 10th house during last days of February and the first two weeks of March gives you a good professional start, for 2017 spring. All Gemini already have great social skills and know how to make conversation. During these three weeks, Mercury helps them to use conversational skills at work. And there will be many opportunities: conferences, receptions, seminars, meetups, business dinners and banquets. Don’t miss these events, because they represent excellent opportunities for you to prove your qualities and to socialize with colleagues, bosses and employees!

JUNE 21ST-JULY 6TH – WORKING SMARTER: With Mercury in the second house, Gemini’s mind is focused on work, money and possessions. This may be a good period of time for new money-making ideas. And all these ideas have something in common: Gemini understands that working hard is not enough and that they have to work smart. What Jacob Morgan said can be useful: „ Those that work smart usually evaluate success based on the amount of discretionary time they have to do whatever it is they want to do.  Smart workers don’t focus on inputs they focus on prioritizing in order to achieve the most valuable outputs in the most efficient ways“.

JUNE, 16TH – NOVEMBER, 22ND – UNREALISTIC BUSINESS EXPECTATIONS:  Neptune retrograde in the tenth house is about unrealistic expectations in career or in business. For example, if you want to become a writer, it might be too big to think about selling a million copies of your first book or about winning Nobel Prize (for now and the next one or two decades, anyway). But you can think about winning some other literary awards and prizes. And this is valuable for any other profession or business: use your common sense and keep your feet on the ground, when setting personal goals. Uncontrolled imagination and day dreaming are other problems Gemini may face, from June until November. Each of them needs to stay connected to reality, to overcome illusions and to stop telling lies to themselves and to others.

NOVEMBER 8TH-DECEMBER 1ST – FEEL HAPPY AT WORK OR GET A NEW JOB: Venus in the sixth house makes Gemini focus on establishing a happy and harmonious work environment. They find new ways to create friendly relationships with colleagues (they started it, as we have seen above, in February and March, during Mercury’s transit through 10th house). Other Gemini will discover that they are really unhappy at work and that they hate their job. Then, the right decision is to quit it and starting something ne, that will allow them to grow according to their qualities.

Gemini money horoscope 2017FROM DECEMBER 2oth: HOLYDAYS ON BUDGET – The eighth house symbolizes transformations through growth and change and is also considered the house of shared financial resources. Here, Saturn will affect any kind of financial support from another, like inheritances, alimony or even the gifts we receive. Taxes and insurances may also become important issues. At the beginning of the transit, Saturn’s influences are not well received, because it is the planet of limitations and lessons, associated with restriction. With this transit beginning just before the holydays, Saturn will require you to celebrate Christmas and New Year on budget, spending less on presents and cutting our unnecessary items, when shopping. The, during this transit (until 2020!) things will improve, Saturn helping Gemini to get their finances in order. But this is no more about 2017…

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